Introduce Yourself - Stitch #Beatnation #TeamMalaysia

Hey everyone. My name is Michael and as you all will know through this video, I'm also known as Stitch (Stage name). So yeah, I'm an 18-year-old beatboxer from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia and one of Beatnation's many representatives.

This video is mainly about me introducing myself to all of you on Steemit.

I legit excited happy to have you fellow Steemit users walk with me through my beatbox life, for as I said in the video that you will be able to see my progress from time to time.

Stay tuned for more from me :)

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Welcome to Steem.... have fun...!!!

w00t !! Welcome to steemit @beatnation ! great to have another talented Malaysian onboard. Do join us on discord teammalaysia ... send me a dm once you got yourself on discord and i'll grab u into our channel where loads of Malaysians hang-out . Keep on steeming

@beatnation, I gave you an upvote on your post!

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Hello and welcome to Steemit! :)

If you are also into cryptocurrencies then you are more than welcome to visit my channel, as I have made the commitment to share everything with others.

Let me know if need any help.

Best of luck to you!

Welcome to Steem, @beatnation!

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Greetings minnow!

nice, welcome to steemit, i followed you for some nice beatboxing

Not qualifed ... :(

pls upvote to uplift my mood. :)

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A BIG BIG Welcome to Steemit! You know, I think the best part about this site is that creative people like you can share amazing posts like this with the community! I'm sure you'll find the platform beautiful! Looking at this post I can definitely tell how talented and creative you are! This is definitely a place for you. Show the world more of your breathtaking work and believe me, Steemit will reward your talent but it requires hard work! I'm no expert though I'm certain you'll do a great job on this platform!

All the best for you and your journey through this website! Visit me if you'd love to read a few stories and such! I'm definitely looking forward to hearing from you!


Kirby loves you! <3

Welcome to Steemit! Good to see another fellow Malaysian here.

Welcome to this beautiful platform. Looking forward to seeing more from you. Following.

I ask, "would you like to know about me personally or professionally?"

I say it with a smile so it doesn't come off condescending, just as a genuine question. If they say personally, I have a chance to show off who I am and why I'd suit their culture and if they ask professionally, I know that they're wanting to remain strictly business focused.