An introduction on Bensson to steemit

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imageI am a Marketeer, turned Fashion Designer Editor/Blogger, that loves and collects shoes.

Together with a couple of friends I started a very influential lifestyle online magazine, and have personally ran a lifestyle blog with numerous publications on street wear, for over ten years.


Here I will be sharing my thoughts on fashion, with a special focus on shoes, will also share some of my designs, and other cool designs out there. image

Hope to inspire you to make the best decisions when it comes to fashion and shoes.



Welcome Bensson! Great to see you here!

Hi, Benn! Welcome to Steemit! I'm curious: What is the name of your blog? Is in Wordpress? Blogger? Tumblr? Another blog platform?

Hey, hi Vicka, my blog was on Blogger, and the name is DaBoaCena. Thanks for asking.

I will check it out! And once again, welcome to Steemit! :)

Welcome to steemit Benn!

Thanks a lot justtryme90


Welcome we are same ways! I voting you and follow!

Nice work! Curious to see the next post!