My rusty fingers on the keyboard after two years without any post...

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Hello !

I finally found how to login and post without making anything explode, at least that's a start !


Long time without any activity from my part... And actually, this will be my very first post on Hive... The last one being still on Steem, back then, before the fork.

So...I guess reintroducing myself won't hurt.

I'm a French creative dude, with inclinations to lose himself quite deep in his own imaginary and chaotic inner world, trying along the trip to gather pictures or stories to share . Most of the time, that will bring some surrealistic stuff, either on paper or on screen, on which any form of control was left to randomness and spontaneity.

Sometimes, like illustrations created for this post, I try to keep some steady raw direction leading to an idea, even if some errands and glitches can happen during the course.

I work both in traditional mixed media (acrylic painting, collage, scribble art) and digital art, with a great love for that fantastic piece of software which is ArtRage.

It's difficult to write about what happenned these last two years, simply because they weren't greatly interesting from my side.

Yeah, hard to find interesting stuff to say about a period driven by uninteresting events....

Despite a few occasional creative bursts, I couldn't find anything consistent enough in my production that could be worth any structured and qualitative post.

This, combined to repetitive disruptive events in my life, and myself starting to chase swarms of ideas, but unable to catch any of them while they were flying all around me like frenetic butterflies, was obviously a call to take a break until I'd be able to get focused again.

My art activities where mainly affected, and thus - closely linked to them - my social media's.

Buuut finally...

These last days have tickled my mind with deep needs to create weird stuff, and as I dug into my unfinished pieces, waiting to be continued, I felt they could be able to open new full-of-weirdness areas, ready for exploration.


So... Let's see if I'll be able to bring some of this matter from inner depths to outter surface. In any case, Hive will be a portal between these areas.

Thanks you for your time, and have a great day ! :)

Note : Thanks to @patschwork who recently refreshed my corrupted memories by talking about Hive: that was the perfect timing with what I was looking for :)

All artwork in this post : (c)Berien2021*

I hope I didn't break any rule by using the Introduceyourself tag. Sorry if that was the case:
no bad intention :)


Welcome back! Glad you found your way here. I'm a new follower.

Thanks :) much appreciated 😊

My pleasure! It's great to have you and your surreal explosions back ;)

Seems I forgot to post my previous answer :D
Was saying something like :
That's a great feeling to be rediscover the environment. I remember how thrilled I was when I made my first steps on Steem, 2 or 3 years agao...
Now I'm lucky to get the same feeling twice with Hive now :)

Great day to you !

Nice and beautiful. Welcome back to us.

Thanks @kosar21 :)
Glad you liked :)