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RE: Hallo HIVE ! It's me, Mickiewicz.

Just a quick note to everyone to confirm that @mickiewicz is a key developer for HAF, and in particular for the hive fork manager which is one of the most innovative portions of the design. Most of our devs are a bit shy in the social media space, and I'm always happy to see one join in here, so please welcome him!



I think all devs should come to hive. Not because of posting or social media, simple to show us cool things.

No reason to be shy :)

¡Hola @mickiewicz ! felicitaciones y bienvenido y ojalá sigas publicando post que sirvan de pistas de aterrizaje a los que todavía estamos volando y no tocamos tierra.

When will HAF go live?

I don't have an exact date, as we will release it as soon as it is ready, but we're very close and I don't think it will be long now.

At this point we're just testing and fixing bugs. For the past few days, we've been trying to get reliable benchmarking data, and I've been holding off on my next status report until we have that data.

Thank you for the additional intro information.
Hive is moving onward and upward.

What if...
this wasn't social media and was instead just messaging?

then you'd STILL be Way ahead of STINC...
who's dev could never be bothered here.


I hope with time that more of our core dev team will join in here and shares some details about what they do. The other issue could just be that they think people will find their work boring or hard to understand. Personally, I gave up decades ago trying to discuss my work with non-techy family and friends because of how quickly their eyes began glazing over. Even today, I don't think my mom really understands much about what I do.


I dont tell no one nothin 😏

!gif regards