Hello Steemit, I am @cuddlekitten

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Hello Steemit,

I am @cuddlekitten.

If you cuddle me, I will remember you!

I'm not active yet, but I'm already eager to meet you all.

Cuddle me now and you'll thank me later.




cuddle-bot by @fraenk
artwork by @zneeke


Uhm... is this related to CUDDLE tokens? Cause it should be. :D


(Yes, I created the cuddle token. Self upvoted for lulz and visibility)

So there is two of you now? :P

I think we are a part of something truly special here, and I welcome you! Another early adopter to this amazing technology.

cuddle! welcome! meow!




Well, you get a welcome upvote just for cuteness' sake, and because it's Valentines Day!


Awww how cute

Nice cuddly-cat! :D


This one is my favorite :)

Hey Kitty! Welcome to steemit, looking cute :)

hello lil miaow <3 welcome aboard ! looking forward to getting to know you and to pet you loads and loads <3


Awesome stuff, welcome to the steemit world little cuddle kitten :-)

Hello little cuddle kitten :) my other cat Tink says meow back.

I just want to say welcome to Steemit, I'm sure as the community knows you will encounter a bunch on interesting people on this platform. Do not be saturated to work through every input available and get paid according to your work.

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Cats lived with soldiers in trenches, where they killed mice during World War I.

Oh. Cute!