Introduction: Cryptocurrency Analysis from a Professional Trader Who Predicted the Market Crash back in January!

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My name is Nikola Lazic and I am a cryptocurrency trader and a technical analyst currently working as a Junior Associate for an educational platform Forex.Academy in their crypto section, where I post daily crypto market updates, weekly updates, forecast videos, educational articles on trading, chartings and signals etc.

The website referred to is membership based therefore the content is private, which is why I have been posting it here from time to time to give back to the community! Recently I became a contributor to one of the largest financial platforms and here is my last analysis that went in accordance:

While we are on the subject I would like to state that I have predicted the cryptocurrency market crash here on Steemit back in January to the exact same levels on which it is today, and people overconfidently laughed at me for my prediction. And it was easier than you think. This is the chart I am referring to:

This is what I've written:

After staring at charts for a long time now every single day, I think that I've developed a trading visual intuition when evaluating chart patterns, and this pattern knows as Head and Shoulders, is most logical and intuitive to me.

I went on to explain the chart pattern and how targets are calculated to point out how I've came up with the target.

That the reason wasn't intuitional here is my reasoning:

What might cause this decline? The answer is psychology. The market cap went from 833B at the peak to 469B at most recent low. That's a 44% retracement, and the older market participants have seen their portfolios nearly cut in half in USD evaluation, while the new ones suffered a great loss... They waited patiently for a rebound, but there's been an almost a month with nothing happening, so they started to go inpatient. They are now thinking "where is the other 350B of capital, and why aren't people coming back to the market to push up the prices back to where they were?" They now see the possibility of Bitcoins price going lower and they are scared. The logic at play here in my mind goes something like this: "I already lost a lot of money, but if I pull out now and the prices go further I am going to be the greatest fool, buying high and selling low. Maybe I'll pull out a half of my money just in case. I don't mind losing some bitcoin (if it goes higher in price), but I do mind losing money."

And that is exactly what happened. The old participants that have experienced this kind of crash back in 2014 knew what they are in for so they pulled out their money, while new once withdrawn half of their holdings (well the smart once).

I have sold all of my holdings on 21. of December therefor dodging the whole crash which can be seen and verified on my Binance withdrawal history:

That this is not a one-time thing I will like to show you some of my other prediction that went spot on. This EOS chart is my most favorite one, as again people laughed at me and I received a lot of negative comments the following day what the price increased driven by the fundamentals (EOS mainnet launch), but I stood firm to my prediction and woalla:

This is a chart I did for Qtum, again labeling the fractal structure and projecting accordingly.

Of course, there are times that I make mistakes which is why you shouldn't consider following my predictions and putting money on them, but as I use mostly Elliott Waves I am always aware of the general context of the market.

And for the end, I will provide you with examples of my work that I have been posting here, and will continue posting.

Example of my Daily crypto update: he-same-levels-may-trigger-selling

Example of my Weekly crpypto update +Video:

Example of my educational content:

So if you are interested in cryptocurrency market updates, analysis, and trading insights click the follow button, resteem so your friends can see, and upvote my content so that others can see it and benefit from it.


Technical analysis in crypto is such a joke..

What makes you say that?

Well..let's say i own 100K btc.How will you predict what will i do with market the next day?I can do what i want,when i want.Pump coins,dump coins.How can some analysis predict my will tomorrow?Market is highly manipulated by whales,not by people like us.They hold markets alive.These are not stocks,it's crypto.Crypto is in his dippers,few people are in it.For some good analysis,and this is my guess only,it would take millions of real people to buy and sell BTC,to get real picture of market.Not millions of bots,owned by few hundred of big BTC whales.

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