Steemit trembles! Fidel Castro is here.

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Hello, my dear comrades!

First of all I introduce myself, I am Fidel Castro, former dictator of Cuba, that small island in the Caribbean with a lot of "cojones".


Perhaps some of you know me from that moment when I almost destroyed the world in the Missile Crisis in 1961, or because of my long speeches (I do not know if you know it but I still hold the Guinness Record to the longest speech, about 7 hours and a half).

But the vast majority of you surely know me as a symbol of "Internationalist and Proletarian Communism" (This sounds so cool!) throughout the world.

I am pretty sure that everyone knows of my sudden death in November of 2016 (Something that should not happen since I was part of the "Immortals Club"). Well, the thing is that while I was in Hell I heard talk about Steemit (Yes, @the-devil has an account here too, did not you know?).

Write for money!? And they also have plans to conquer the world!?


These two things I just had to hear for start a revolution in Hell to be able to go back and see if this was true for myself.

If you want to know how to be a good Dictator and how to control a complete country for more than 60 years without having any problems do not forget to follow me. I need to leave my legacy to future Dictators and create a circle of followers that can serve as spies in the future . Remember and this first lesson is for free, you can not be a successful Dictator without having spies everywhere.

I am also seeing how to become a Dictator here in Steemit too(I think they are called... whales?). I'm sure everyone would prefer me to any of the ones they have now. I assure you a police in each node of that technology that everybody say you can not change, Blockchain I think is called and, of course, a looot of censorship. I know everyone here loves censorship!

Well dear comrades, I say goodbye for now with revolutionary greetings.

Viva la Steemit-llution!

Fidel Castro Ruz


I thought you died last year...

I did but @the-devil was talking so much and so good about Steemit in Hell that I had to come back to try Steemit by myself.

I didn't know escaping hell was that easy. Must be for new Steem users only.

Remember who you are talking to, I am "El Comandante en Jefe". As usual, I had to make a revolution to be able to return ;)

By the way, would you like to work for me as a spy? I have never had a penguin as a spy, there are no penguins in Cuba ...

I'll think about it. I hate the cold here on the South Pole. Cuba's climate seems much prettier to me.

No sé quién eres pero me has hecho reír 😂
Bienvenido Comandante. Espero que te traten bien aquí 😉

A ver, a gritar ahora mismo "Viva la Revolución" o te meto presa... porque tu suenas a cubana ;)

No no no mi Comandante por favor, tranquilo jajajajaja

Am I your first agent if I resteem this?

But remember always that we do not pay with money because we fight for a superior ideal that money can not pay. Make Steemit a better dictatorship!

I can give you that honor. No problems!

Welcome to Steemit :d :d :d

Thank you very much for welcoming fellow comrade. Viva la Steemit-llution!

I hope the whales don't stage a "Bay of Pigs" flag invasion.

I won the previous one, why would I miss this one? ;)

I do not know how the dictatorship of Fidel Castro was there, but the fashion magazines were simply amazing during his reign. Welcome to Steemit!

Thanks dear comrade! Good to see people still appreciate my love for the models, I mean for the fashion magazines.
Viva la Steemit-llution!!!

Where can I get a suit like yours?

Hmmm you need at least the B+ level in the course "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" to be able to get one of these... At what level are you now?

Probably a D-. I don't even smoke cigars

Maybe if you become one of my favorite spies I can give you one in the future, who knows? ;)

Thanks a lot fellow revolutionary! Viva la Steemit-llution!

Back from the dead, quite impressive.

Nothing is impossible for a revolutionary with strong ideas. Never forget it comrade!