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RE: Hallo HIVE ! It's me, Mickiewicz.

Welcome @mickiewicz you have the endorsement and recognition of @blocktrades and that is something very few can boast of.

I see that we have some points in common like bird watching (I even collect them through postage stamps) and I am also involved for many years in testing (I don't have as much capacity to develop them) open source software applications.

I test Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu and its derivatives, OpenSUSE, LinuxMint and others.



I like to take binoculars and go out for bird watching :) I live in the part of Poland when there are more than 200 birds species, and some of them are rare.

In Argentina we have a large number of birds and there are laws to protect them.

I also lived many years in Italy (more than 20 years since I have descendants from that country and have dual citizenship.

I would have liked to know Poland. I was about to go a couple of times but it didn't happen.