Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I hear very good things about this community and technology. Technology + Pople rock!

Here's a pic of my cocker spaniel just last week. She was at the kennels and we managed to get this good photo - we nicknamed them the #doublecockertrouble !!

Good to meet you all!

cc: @awah


Welcome to Hive @jgiordi - hope you enjoy your time here on Hive. There is so much going on and a lot to learn.

Love the cocker spaniel!

Thanks for the welcome @awah - Looking forward to seeing more of you all!



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Welcome to Hive @jgiordi! This is @chillwithshanna from the @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team. You just made your first post. Congratulations!

Here at Hive, we love to get to know new users well. The best way to start is to do an introduction post. Be creative in sharing information about yourself. You can add pictures, share how you discovered Hive or tag the person who invited you so we can thank them. Making an introduction post will help other Hivers get to know you and be comfortable in supporting your work. Don’t forget to tag @lovesniper @chillwithshanna once you have made your awesome introduction post!

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Here is a Newbie guide for tips and information about blogging here on Hive. If you have questions, you can hop into Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions.
Happy Blogging!

Hello @chillwithshanna & @ocd Thank you so much for reaching out and for the great links. Thank you :)

Yay! 🤗
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Sweet dogs 😃 welcome 🖐🏻

Thank you 😊