Introduce myself 😊

Hi everyone on Steem!😊
I am Pick. I come from Thailand. Now I living in Belgium.

I love to travel✈😚

I like to cook👨‍🍳


Tom Yum /ต้มยำ 🌶🍋🦐🦑

Tom Yum /ต้มยำ 🌶🍋🦐🦑

Rice balls/ข้าวทอด🍚

Chicken wings/ ปีกไก่ทอด🍗

I hope to meet more amazing people and share everything on steemit.

Thank you.🙏🏻💗


welcome to steemit where all the interesting writing will be get the rewads

Nice pics!!! Love it!!!

Welcome man!
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Welcome to the community!
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Welcome to Steemit, Pick.
Good to see more and more Steemians in Belgium.
We should do a meet-up soon!
Do you know @steemitworldmap? If you like to travel, welcome to add location to your future post.
Feel free to join #culturevulture challenge if you'd like to share something related to Thai culture.

Have fun here!