A complete and utter foodie!

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A British girl living in Australia! I have wanted to start 'kitchen table' as a space to share my daily wanderings and ramblings with friends, family and fellow Steemians both overseas and nearby. I love the idea of Steemit to give power to the creators and the people using the platform and I hope that you love the delicious food that I have to share! I've always been one to write stories so when I also began to learn photography I thought it was the perfect excuse to start a blog and combine both.

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@nikonmarshall has told me all about Steemit and I cannot wait to get started but first a bit more about me..

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I am a complete and utter foodie. Whether I'm eating or cooking, I'm usually enjoying myself! So this blog will certainly feature plenty of scrummy recipes and reviews. I'm an adventurer at heart and happiest traveling around visiting new places and discovering cosy cafes and stores.


During my internship at Delicious. magazine I attended several studio based photoshoots and tested recipes for future magazine issues.

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One of the shoots was based on desserts made with vegetables; think zucchini popsicles and spiced parsnip cake. One recipe in particular made it straight onto my 'must cook' list after I taste-tested the final product. The recipe is by the Delicious food editor Phoebe Wood who specialises in creating scrumptious pies and tarts.

Reminiscent of a treacle tart, this rich dessert will without a doubt become a must have for any family gathering.

Carrot and White Chocolate Tart Original recipe by Phoebe Wood

400g gingernut biscuits
140g butter, chopped
About 5 medium carrots chopped
1 vanilla bean, split, seeds scraped
100g white chocolate, grated
1 tsp of ginger (or mixed spice)
1 whole egg, plus 2 egg yolks
200g brown sugar
250g sour cream


Preheat oven to 200°C or 180°C fan forced. Place chopped carrots on a baking tray with 50g of the butter and the vanilla pod and seeds. Toss to combine. Roast for 45 minutes or until tender.

Place gingernut biscuits in a food processor and whiz into fine crumbs. Melt 90g of the butter and add to the biscuit. Pulse until combined.

Press the mixture into the base and sides of a tart tin and then chill.

Once roasted, put the hot carrot and vanilla mixture in a food processor and blend until finely chopped. Add the grated chocolate and combine. Add the ginger, egg and egg yolk, brown sugar and sour cream, whiz until very smooth.

Reduce oven to 180°C (160° fan forced) and place tart pan in the oven for 10 minutes or until light golden.

Remove tart shell from oven and reduce temperature to 160°C. Pour carrot filling into tart shell and bake for an hour or until just set.

Cool to room temperature and chill, or serve hot with cream.

All the photos are my own and I cannot wait to share with you the recipes to them with you all and much more!


If you want to get in touch I'd love to hear from you, leave a comment below and tell me, what's your favourite cuisine?



Great photos and receipes, welcome on steemit!

Thank you @damarth and thanks for the upvote!

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Wow, the food looks delicious and the quality of the pictures is also insane! ;)
Thx as well for the verification picture, makes your post way better!
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The food looks awesome, too bad it isn't mice or birds, other than that, great photography.

Hi and welcome to Steemit. I'm a new user myself and a fellow Brit, but still stuck here where this morning I have woken up to cold temperatures and snow on the ground. I look forward to reading your food blog and maybe trying to cook some of the recipes.

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welcome to the crypto-currency universe

Welcome @kitchentable, glad you could come on board! Can't wait to see all your recipes!

ooooooh my goooooood u made me hungry ..... welcome to steamit looking forward for more posts

Wow your food photography is amazing! It's great that you are sharing photos of good food and recipes. I'm a foodie too. While I consider myself quite good at Asian cooking, I struggle when it comes to baking - breads, cakes, pies etc I can make none of those. Hope to see more of your recipes and I'm sure I'll try making some of these amazing food you are sharing!

This is a Great introduction post.
Welcome to steemit! :)
I hope You enjoy your time here and have s good start :)

Amazing post @kitchentable (I'm amazed this name wasn't already taken) and great photos. I'm a fellow Aussie too. You'll find the Australian community here is excellent.

Welcome to Steemit! :)

Welcome to Steemit! :)

Welcome on Steemit, @kitchentable! That "Pacman cake" looks delightful :) Looking forward to discovering more cooking tips and recipes from you!

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Welcome onboard, @kitchentable. I will definitely look forward to reading your post. Bring it on. :) Thank you for sharing the recipe. The Carrot and White Chocolate Tart looks absolutely delicious. Keep sharing more such post you will do just fine. Cheers!

The recipe looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Welcome to steemit! You will do well here based on this post. You have specific passion, you’re articulate about it, you shared here who you are, what your about AND contributed a recipe that’s a little different than the norm but executable. Plus your post was broken into digestible paragraphs with great pictures, and your cute! 😉

Following and looking forward to more of your content.

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Loving your pics and food already! Looking forward to your future posts! Have fun. Tess :)

Your food photography is impressive! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! 😊