Getting to know ME

A wonderful day everyone! My name is Joanna Marie Rica. I graduated BSBA major in Financial Management and a Diploma in Professional Education. I'm currently working as a part-time educator and running my own small business.

My sister @jemzem introduced me to this platform. We share the same interest in writing. Also, I'd like to say thank you @guruvaj for creating my account. A big thank you to these two wonderful people for giving me once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase my other passion.

Aside from writing, I also love traveling and exercising (especially yoga). My favorite of all is eating. LOL (haha, kidding aside). I mean worshipping God, it's like eating though. It's not only your stomach that'll be full but also your mind, body, and soul. It's the best of all.

I look forward to interacting with my co Filipinos and other races in this beautiful platform. I hope I can contribute to something that is worthy. I believe I can for God is always with me. If we put him in everything we do, trust me, everything turns to be great.

Once again, this is Joanna saying Life is beautiful, if it seems not, still it's beautiful because "Life is ALWAYS beautiful." (remember ALWAYS...)


you are full of sunshine

Thank you! I hope that sunshine could enlighten others.

Welcome to hive

Thank you po

Hello and welcome to hive @mhejoanna. Enjoy the platform!

Thank you po, I surely will.

Welcome and nice to see more people here. A lot from Indonesia and that part of asia. Myself is from Sweden.

Thank you for the warm welcome. It's always been good to interact with different nationalities.

Welcome to the Hive.
You will have alot of friends here.
Keep on posting.

Once again, a big thanks po for the opportunity to be here. I'll tell my brain to keep on functioning (haha) so I can come up with something creative and hopefully heart warming.

Its my pleasure to help new Hivers like you.
Keep on posting.

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Welcome here, nice daghan na ta from the Historic Resort City.

Thanks po, It's good to know that we have many kabayans here. Looking forward to interacting with many kabayans here and to all.

Welcome! ^_^

A big thanks po.

Welcome kabayan, nanaghan na dy mong mga kaliwat ni @jemzem diri. hehehe

Nice to see many Filipinos are on boarding in hive. See you around,

Thanks for the warm welcome. Hehe, @jemzem has strong convincing power. LOL
See you around as well.

Welcome to hive kabayan! Enjoy your stay here and I'm looking forward to see wonderful stuffs from you ^^

Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope there'll be lots of stuff in my brain to begin with, quality content.LOL

Glad to see you here.. welcome

Thank you for welcoming me.

Welcome mhejoanna!
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