Hello Hive From Your Newest Crocheter

Hello everyone

My name is Faith. I am a Nigerian creative with a focus on crocheting and needle work artistry. I am the fourth of the family of six. I completed my secondary education 2022. I am waiting to be enrolled in a university. I was introduced to crocheting in my third year in secondary school during creative arts classes.

At the time, i was not even intrested and i gave all my needle works exercises to my friends to do for me. It wasn't until my senior year i met a teacher who taught me how to be creative with crocheting that i developed interest and my journey started from there. I made a lot of rubbish at first, i practised crocheting bags and lot of stuffs that ended up at home.


My mom supported me by buying me wools and my siblings were always on my neck to make them stuff. It grew on me and starter being passoinate about it to the extent i do it anywhere i found myself. At that time, the most exciting thing i did was a bag my brother took to school and people loved it.

Fast forward till today i have made so many things i can't remember and it has become a huge part of my life. I now even make them commercially and i keep getting better everyday
The last work i made was a spiderman beanie for a friend. I normally choose my colour because i think i have a undertanding of mixing colours than other people but i am also okay if my clients choose their colour. She insisted on a pink and white colour. The pink wool formed the spiderman eyes. It was a nice combination i later fell in love with.

More about me



I really love cooking. In the household, i take the role of the cook and that includes me going to the market to get stuff that I cook. Being in the kitchen makes me learn more about cooking. Through the social media ,I get to learn different recipes I cook. I've got a load of screenshots and saved videos on my phone that I'm looking forward to try out, I do my best to offer foods that are of good sights and edible. I enjoy the pleasure I see on people that eat my food, I take it as a reward after all the time I spent in the kitchen. It usually makes me satisfied I'm a great cook!


Oh, how I love pets being around me. We had a dog named Fegan that died of old age recently, it was on the 14th of July this year. I've known Fegan since I was a little child and I always enjoyed his company. I cried a lot when I got a message from my little sister about his Death. He was very dear to us. I miss him so much and I'll always love him. Of course, I'd love to keep lots of dogs and name one after him.


I've always loved to see people's hair neatly made and that makes me love my hair right? I love my hair so much i pay so much attention to it and that's no surprise i can plait my hair myself. I started making hair since I was a little girl, always watched hairdresser's doing their work and I get home to use my mom's hair to practice, I've lost count of the total number I've made from my siblings to my friends hair, all thanks to my mom who made her hair available for many practices. I always enjoy making hair.


What I do during my free time


I developed the habit of keeping a diary when I was in my third year in junior secondary school. It was so fun and I got addicted to it. I get to write down my feelings and what happened on special dates almost everyday day. I stopped at some point when I got really busy and I thought I was never going to own one again but it didn't take me long before I got another one. I have a total of four journals currently. It always feels like I'm talking to a friend.


I started reading novels since I was in primary two, I never really understood the meaning of some words and I never bothered to use the dictionary as I always ended up understanding the whole story at the end. My oldest sister owned dozens of different books and never stopped purchasing it. I own them all now and I used to borrow my friends one in exchange for another during my secondary school days. Once I pick up a book I end up reading it late into the night till the next day.

Why am I here?

I am a teenager who enjoys crocheting. I get curious when it comes to things related to yarn and hooks and I combine both my mind and soul into it. Through the social media, I get to learn different and latest styles and patterns to make my own. I keep wanting to learn more about it in details to make me better
Now that I have found HIVE, I want to explore more about crocheting and yet be bound with wonderful knowledge and skills I can share here. Being able to enter this HIVE community is such an honour.

Thank you for the time you gave to know more about me. let's engage and be friends!
I'm the kind of person who shows and give love to everyone.

I'd love to end on a good note by giving my sincere thanks to the person who introduced me to HIVE @Mistakii for his brilliant guidance about HIVE. Thank you!


Awesome to have you here Faith! I hope you enjoy the community and technology as I’ve done so far. Welcome again

Thank you so much!

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