I'd like to Steemit, Steemit!!

Hi all Steemers.

My name is Naómi-Louise from Pretoria, South Africa. I'm married and a stay-at-home mom with two daughters aged 6 and 2. It's not all I'm about, though some days it definitely feels that way. This is my very first post, of hopefully many more, on Steemit. I was introduced to Steemit by my husband @jacor - Thanks Love!

I'm new to blogging, writing, cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin and the steemit platform. I hope to learn as I go. I love reading and occasionally spending time on my soap box :-). It's taken me days to finally start posting. Every time I log on, I get lost in all the posts and shared ideas.

So here goes... Steemit, Steemit!!


Welcome to Steemit! My Friend- Greeting From @dog

Welcome You to Wonderful Steemit World @xem!

I upvoted you! Welcome from the United States. We are so lucky to be on Steemit. I just made a post talking about the reasons we are so lucky! It is a must read. https://steemit.com/steem/@brianphobos/why-steemit-users-are-so-lucky-right-now-3-main-reasons

Another saffer!!welcome . im from Jhb. Glad to have you on board

HI @warrensteem, another Preroria-Based saffer here :)

Welcome to the evolution of Social Media platforms ! :)