A little about me and my idea

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So a little introduction to me. My name is joe im 30 and been a gamer my whole life. I got this idea for zero to something after i resently lost my job and have been looking for more work and I have been following all this blockchain game craze and I would like to get on the train. So im making this blog to let you guys join me on my quest to start with no money and see if we cant move up to somebof these buy in games. So any ideas for games to try are welcome and thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you guys. What are somethings you guys would like to see in the future leave ideas in the comments. So lets do this thing lets go from zero to something togeather



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Welcome, Joe. Welcome to this platform.
First of all, sorry to hear about your job status. Hope that you will find one soon. In the meantime, you will get something from this platform as well.

Stay safe and !ALIVE

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Hey Joe, check out the @acolytesofhelio! Our sister guild is looking for players! Playtoearn and you can start without investing!

I would love to join your guild and it would be an honor how do i join. From what I have read I feel this group is something great

Welcome the the community!