introducing pampered pets!


Hello everyone! Since this is a new account i thought i would do an introduction.
Pampered pets is a blog about my pets, what they get up to and all their adventures.
I was previously posting my pets on my main account @black.wolf, but i thought they deserved their own account just for them.

Lets start by introducing some of my pets.



This is Samson, he is the newest addition to the family. I got him about a month ago, he is a bengal kitten and he is very crazy! You will probably see his posts the most.

Bronson and Brandy.


Lets start with Bronson, He is the cat to the left.
Bronson is my Burmese cat, he is about seventeen years old and is the sweetest cat.
He loves getting cuddles and treats!
Next is Brandy, The dog to the right.
Brandy is my chihuahua cross foxy dog.
She is about five and is an indoor dog because she has allergies to grass and cant go outside.
I still take her for walks outside but she has to walk on the concrete path not on the grass.
She is a very playful dog and loves watching tv,
she barks at all the dogs and cartoons on the screen!
She gets along with the cats very well.



This is a photo of Tilly and Brandy.
Tilly is actually my grandmothers dog but because she lives nearby us Tilly comes and visits Brandy to play.
I dont really know what breed or how old she is because she was found on the side of a road.
We have had her for about two years since we found her.
Her and Brandy are best friends.

Mac puss


Last but not least is Mac puss.
He is again my grandmothers cat but i go and visit him sometimes.
I don't know his breed or age because he was another rescue,
but we have had him for about four years since we found him.
My aunt found him dumped at a McDonalds one day and brought him home.
That's why he is called mac puss.

That's all of my pets been introduced.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my pets and getting to know them more.
Follow @pampered-pets if you want to see more of my pets adventures.
Bye for now!
Samson's owner.


Hello, pampered-pets! Wish you a very inspired experience here on Steemit! Enjoy the friendship!

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Yay more pet blogs! Love seeing cute furry babies in my feed. 😍

Thank you! :)

I look forward to seeing more of all these little cuties.

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