@PoetsUnited (Reloaded) - Introducing PoetsUnited.org + Monthly Membership Basic Subscription

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We are proud to present [PoetsUnited.Org] and @poetsunited new official account

Hello everyone,

It has been almost 4 months since the Creation of the Poets United Community on Steemit. From that time on we have evolved into the First Decentralized Dedication Driven Poetry Crypto Community.

To sum it up short. Each member of the society can become the top Role (Restless Soul) by just their efforts and dedication towards the community and its members. To obtain this status you need to start either an Event (Contest, Live Event, Recording, Podcast etc...) or Edit and Publish any Publication of the community.

This idea was really good but then we needed an instrument for anyone to be able to post from our brand new communal account @poetsunited. That is how https://poetsunited.org was born. The website of the community will also serve as an Online Magazine and Publishing House.

Furthermore, we have developed a Resteem + Bid Bot Exclusive for poetry named @cleansingpoetry. Anyone who wants to support poetry and Poets United can Delegate Steem Power and gain profits. 80% of the profits go to delegators and 20% for @poetsunited (the new official community account). The current @poetsunit account will become the exclusive community upvote bot (similar to @minnowsupport) from the end of this month. For further explanation of the resteem/bid bot see this post.

Supporting so many activities and events: Daily Dose, Friday Poetic Talk Show, Weekly Community Contest, 7 for 7 (the new edition), Steem Basic Income (free enrolments for active members and contributors) and The Hunt Issue have been taking loads of time, effort and investment from all of us that support the community.
More than 300 SBD has been spent on development of the Website and the Bots. Plus around 200 SBD has been spent on prizes for the contests, upvotes by bots, free resteems etc. Furthermore it has turned out to be impossible for the Restless Souls to support the community activities financially. It has drained our resources to almost zero.

So in order for us to become a self-funded and sustainable community. We have come up with the:

Poets United Basic Subscription Package

After three months of development and growth we have finally reached the point where we can introduce the special subscription service for all our members.
If you wondered why the Daily Dose Issue of the community has not been done recently, that was one of the reasons.
Since the preparation, writing and publishing of a Daily Dose takes a lot of time and effort and we couldn't entice you to write it, we figured out a way to get people to write it by giving something in return. So, for writing Daily Doses and other community issues you will innitially get full subscriber status (with all the perks that come with it) and if we get enough subscribers we will pay you accordingly.

We have invented a new role: "subscriber", this role will come with some nice perks.

What you will get as a subscriber:

  • Membership In poetsunited.org (Authors Account + Access to Special Tutorial Sections)
  • Access to the poetsunited.org-membership section in our Discord.
  • 1 published poem on poetsunited.org per month in the Poet’s Spot Section.
  • 3 Resteems per month from @cleansingpoetry (Our bot for resteems and upvotes exclusive for poetry).
  • Ability to post in Subscriber-promo-chanel, and always (at least) get mentioned in the Daily Dose.
  • Access to the #crypto-help channel where you can ask and get your questions answered.
  • A special channel will be created in Authors Self-Promotion Section to promote your works
  • Tutorial Section ( How to Succeed In Decentralized – Social Networks )

This package will cost you only 0.5 SBD per month, to be paid before the first of the month to @poetsunited with the memo "subscriber fee MONTH". Where month obviously should be the name of the next month. From the moment of your first payment you will be a subscriber for free untill the month you paid for starts.

In order to use your 3 free resteems please go to the poetsunited.org membership category #request-resteem and post your link. You can choose which posts of yours you want to be resteemed.
If you want to publish your poem on the website, please, after you publish it say so in #poet's-spot channel. So it will be reviewed and published by one of the available members.

Please support each other and engage genuinely! Poets Unite! Together We are stronger!

How the subscription money will be used:

10% - goes to technical Support, the cost of running the website and VPS for the bots.
30% - goes to our auto upvote bot @poetsunit similar ( in the works )
30% - goes to contributors (rewards for writing the Daily Dose and other Community Issues)
30% - goes towards funding contests, advertising, sponsorships etc.

We will be keeping transparent records of where all money went and why … This is key part of our community idea. Also we are working towards becoming a legal entity as a non profit organization.

So we encourage everyone to try it out and enjoy the ride. There are many new things coming your way. Thank you all for the support and dedication.

Poets United :

Restless Souls Team ( @angelveselinov, @madevi, @poetrybyjeremy, @ange.nkuru, @chaosreignstv, @run-the-bits)

Join our Dlive Talk Shows shows on Friday nights 10 PM GMT
The biggest community for poetry and prose on Steemit!

#POETSUNITED (use it to be considered for the Daily Dose)

Check out the only Poetry Exclusive Resteem Bid-Bot @cleansingpoetry

Join us on our Discord Server Here

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : https://poetsunited.org/2018/04/16/poetsunited-reloaded-introducing-poetsunited-org-monthly-membership-basic-subscription/


thanks for providing the information

Welcome sir. Its a amazing flatform

i cant read all of this, im ADHD af :(

Welcome to Steemit @poetsunited!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

I have never subscribed to a monthly membership, but now it seems to have to be done.

I absolutely agree with you! This have to be done!

Awesome content!
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I will willingly join, though I still gave some doubts and am just starting with steemit :)

Hey :) It is the best way to start steemit by joining a society as this is social platform on first place and actually you can make better progress by interacting with others. If you just post and not interact it is really hard to gain exposure. Waiting for you in our server. Be Blessed. Peace and Love.

Great work guys! With the launch of PoetsUnited.org more and more poets will surely join. Also, @poetsunited I noticed a small typo. In "subsciber fee MONTH" there is no "r" in subscriber so, "subsciber => subscriber". This just a minor typo and barely noticeable. I hope you guys can fix it though.

Thanks for the info. Think this post might be Trending!

Yes it is! Let's hope it achieves our goals and makes our community grow and grow stronger...

Think it might definitely be, or at least on its way. Great job @angelveselinov!

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All The Best!
Spencer Coffman
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Amazing post !!!

Excellent and interesting post friend thank you success and blessings

Excellent and interesting post my dear friend thank you success and blessings. i like it

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Welcome to Steem Community @poetsunited! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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Woah this is very cool ! Thanks for using SteemPress, feel free to contact me if you see any bug :)

Hey yeah I wanted to contact you to have a conversation... If you can join our Discord and find me or give me your discord handle that would be great ...

Howo #5362

Do you run a contest?, how about discord channels?

Yep we do run a contest also We have a Discord The Link is at the bottom of this posts ...

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Great contribution.I want to join Here. How can I do it?
Welcome to my blog.

Happy Steeming.

To join the community you just need to get to the discord link... To get a subscription package for one month you need to send 0.5 SBD to @poetsunited with memo subscription fee and the following month

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