First Hive Post

Hello everyone,

I haven’t personally been keeping up with the Steem vs. Hive drama but my husband @cmplxty has filled me in on the key points of it. Too busy being a professional mom (stay at home mom doesn't at all encompass the stuff we do any longer!) to pay attention to squibbles like that.

I wanted to take advantage of the quarantine lots of us are living with and writing my first post of the year 2020, and on the new Hive blockchain at that. So welcome!

Interests of mine are in some of the communities like the home education and un-education that I’ve seen in @homeedders, the @naturalmedicine community where we’ve been practicing lots of the same things people post about there, for years. There’s probably more but not a lot of time to do this stuff with a toddler.

I will try to post on here more than the single time I posted on Steem last year but my husbands been keeping me abreast of the going’s and news. Let’s see some cool posts on here!

Here’s a picture of our Florida vacation, which wasn’t that fun at the time but thinking of it now, was incredible. Stay well!




Hey, welcome back. I just know that we'd love to see you in both those communities. Many of the alternatives lifestyle communities are interconnected, so if you post about homeschooling/unschooling you can tag naturalmedicine too. I hope we get to see lots more from you in the future, but we're also well aware that as homeschooling parents time is limited.

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Thank you!! I appreciate the welcome. He’s told me some of the awesome things going on in those groups. Home schooling in full swing, regardless of the scenario going on in the world. We’ve kind of chuckled at our non-home school friends are freaking out having their kids 24/7 now. What do they think we go through daily?!

The memes going around are hilarious! How often have you been asked how you've coped all this time? At least people are finally getting an insight as to what it involves, instead of just assuming that we do nothing.

Haha yes! Absolutely!

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Welcome back :) It probably doesn't hurt to know that the drama happened (and even what happened) but definitely much better to not dwell on it or worry about it past that now XD

You got tinies then? Not being able to post much makes sense, hope you manage to scrounge some time though :)

Thank you for the welcome! We have one toddler, but he’s enough for two of us most of the time!

I’m thinking I can hopefully post once a week or every other week. As they get older some things get better, so we are thankful for that!

Welcome on Hive and nice to meet you :)

Thank you! It will be a lot of fun sharing some posts on here with everyone!

Well, then welcome to the Hive! Might be a good idea to post a goodbye on Steem so everyone may notice. ;-) Looking forward !invest_vote

Thank you! I don't think I had any followers on Steem, so I'm not going to bother. Don't need to throw salt in an old wound that is Steem.

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