What this account is for

Hello steemit.

I dunno about everyone else but I'm fed up with spammers and plagiarism. There will always be spam and plagiarism but I want to help out the bots that fight it. It is hard to code accounts that detect all of this but from today I will make a list off accounts that abuse the system through plagiarism and spam. I will not to focus on poor quality posts, just posts/comments that can be seen as abusive to the rewards pool and fill steemit with spam.

I can't stop this on my own but the idea is if many people read the list, everyday we can down vote any new bad posts from these accounts. I will also remove accounts from the list that have stopped. I would also be happy to help accounts on the list change their posting style to get off it.

There are many others doing similar work like this from their account, the problem is a lot of the time when one user gives a downvote the account will retaliate by downvoting everything that user has posted. Or maybe the downvote wasn't powerful enough.

I would love it if the community helped by posting accounts they feel abuse the system and helped to downvote those on the list. If we all act together they can't attack everyone. If your worried about being attacked then you can anonymously report accounts to @steemcleaners through this link: https://steemcleaners.org/abuse-report/

Thanks for reading. I hope people agree with what I am doing, if not please tell me why.

Image Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com


If you can write, no plagiarism needed!!!