Intro Post - HELLO HIVE 🥂

Hello Hive Blog, my name is Jen! Some of you may know me from Steemit but I haven't been active there in a while. Starting up again on here so I figured I'd do another intro post :)


I have spent most of my adult life learning about the crazy world of wine, and I've been lucky enough that it's brought me to some amazing places in the world. With this being such a great social platform, I figured I'd take the opportunity to share my experiences with all of you!

I have worked in multiple positions in the wine world but mostly as a Sommelier and Wine Educator. One of my favourite things about my job is educating people (staff or clients) about wine. Any excuse to talk about wine, I'm there! But as much as I like to talk about it, I definitely don't have all the answers. To be honest, no one ever will. You can read all the textbooks and see all the regions but it's an ever-changing industry and can sometimes be hard to keep up with.

Even with that said, I've made (and am still making!) a serious effort to learn as much as I can - I just recently completed my WSET Diploma and am considering applying to the Master of Wine program next year. I'm also a certified French & Italian Wine Scholar and am in the process of completing the Spanish Wine Scholar program. If you can't tell yet, I like studying wine 🙃

I'm excited to get more involved in this platform and share a bit of my wine life with you guys, but I'll also probably drop the odd travel and life photos every now and then.

Looking forward to the next chapter for Steem and seeing what the HIVELIFE has to offer! 😉🍷



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Welcome aboard!

I wrote a small Hive survival guide that you may find helpful:

Wow, you haven't been posting for such a long long time! Great to have you back and welcome to another home with the same fam :)))

Welcome back!

Gotta love win. Glad youa re here, Jen.