i am ytcracker, bitcoin baron and hacker musician aeternum of the cryptoilluminati AMA

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i am bryce case, jr., otherwise known as ytcracker, hacker bard of the internet.

i have been in the bitcoin / blockchain space since 2012 and am a gigantic proponent of the types of problems the technology solves.  i am fortunate enough to be a part of the relative inner circle of this great movement, attending / speaking / performing at many of the seminal conferences and meetups, and leveraging my pseudocelebrity in whatever ways i can to evangelize our Lords and Saviors Satoshi Nakamoto and the Spam God.  i exist on steem thanks to @adept squatting a player's name for me - he is my de facto account trustee.

i am a cofounder/advisor of unsung.org, a 501(c)(3) non-profit and the spiritual successor to one of the most successful bitcoin charities, sean's outpost, also founded by jason king.  we believe that using a public ledger like the blockchain is a great way to eliminate waste and hold non-profit organizations accountable to the donations they receive.

i also advise the academy school of blockchain, another j. king production, which aims to fill the need for companies and projects to have competent blockchain developers at their disposal.  academy is a fully-accredited university and has the best blockchain curriculum advisors on the planet (including steem's own @dantheman).  blockchain code is arguably some of the most important code ever authored in the history of humanity, and making sure this code is done correctly with so much at stake is important.

on the capitalistic side, i advise minerva, a novel solution to merchant processing, paying businesses back their card transaction fees.  it is co-founded by some of my longstanding partners in the adult and mainstream affiliate marketing worlds.  because we are all hacker nerds, we do not like the institutionalization of wealth, and love the empowering feeling of complex mathematics being our benevolent dictator.

forever yours,


Welcome to Steemit mate, where do you see Crypto going? You must have an interesting perspective have been involved since 2013.

i see two sides of the game right now - the tech side and the financial side, which are not mutually exclusive. there are a great deal of sharks in the water and snake oil salesman on both sides, so my advice to anyone getting into the space is they do a substantial amount of research before diving into anything.

i see human beings' social credit becoming way more important in a blockchain world. the web of trust of individuals - who you know and how you treat everyone - becomes the real currency.

I like that last bit. It's rare to find someone involved before things got really mainstream. What are your honest thoughts on Steem, Binance Coin, and yes I know Dogecoin? I am curious about those three, and was wondering an alternative opinion. Thanks.

steem is a cool concept but super young so who knows exactly where it will go. people not being able to edit their posts and potentially embarrassing themselves for all eternity may backfire - some things should be mutable.
binance coin or any exchange coin is good as long as the exchange is good. i have binance coin purely for trading fees.
dogecoin is the original meme coin and, while it provides no technical leaps and bounds, has the cutest logo.

Thanks for the detailed reply. The cutest logo part made me smile.

Editing posts after payout is on the horizon

you can step through edits though i'm assuming because lol immutable - that's more of what i was referring to

Well yeah but isn't that the entire internet?

If someone posts something online it likely gets archived by other services. They can edit the document but the original lives on.

With Steem if you edit a post and then query the content you will not see a history of edits. But if you stream the blocks and store the operations to a third party database you will always be able to get edit history.

Social media on a blockchain is definitely an interesting concept. Curious to see what happens with DMCA takedowns and legal claims in the future.

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do not forget the votes and follwer behind ya gan.

@adept is a great guy, he's the reason I joined Steemit too. Welcome to Steemit. I wrote another introduction article it would be great if you could take a look at it!

hola! I like your post! Thanks for it! I went to jail because of cryptos... lets make steemit together to a better place with our content! I would like to read a bit more about you and maybe do you have some more pictures? I also just wrote a introduce yourself. Maybe you upvote me and follow me swell as I do? https://busy.org/introduceyourself/@mykarma/1-jail-review-bitcoins-3-years-ago

Why did you go to jail because of cryptos? Are they illegal in your country or you didn't pay a tax on the income from them or something?

Hey @ytcracker.. I'm a music producer can't seem to get any exposure on Steemit :( I'm inspired by how well your "introduceyourself" post is going down... Do let me know if you have any good tips!!! Anyway, welcome to the Steemit community, keep up the good work and Happy blogging!

i dont even understand how it works really

Welcome to steemit ytcracker I wish you success and a fun time here.

Sup, nice to meet you Bro!



i need some glasses so i can be the guy in the picture

Just hodl youll get there👍

Fuck yeah

crypto is great and all but i advise people to have some silver on hand as well

A pleasure to have you on board, a platform of knowledgeable content and true to it's core.

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Welcome to steemit man

You are welcome to steemit bro...
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Welcome to steemit!!
glad to have you here stay stunned...
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Esta es senda Bruja del criptomundo, buen Post. Aclaran buenos puntos de vista del deber ser de la comunidad. gracias

Welcome I loved your introduction ... I've already followed you, visit my blog!

Welcome I loved your introduction ... I've already followed you, visit my blog!

Welcome to this beautiful community ..
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nice post!!
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Dude your a hero in my book. Good to have you on steemit. We should def link up and make some magic happen my friend.

cool .... man style