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RE: Hello Hive

in #introduction3 months ago

WOW your story is inspiring. What a great vision. I hope to have a similar one in a few years when the Hive is worth $100.

Also thanks for all the votes you gave me on my account @splinterdany you really made an impact on my channel and thanks to that I can cope better with the bearmarket with what I was able to save.

Hope to see you soon with the curation. Many people miss seeing your name in the votes list.

I was on vacation in Spain in September-October 2011, maybe we will cross paths 😃 Greetings from Venezuela.


Don't mention it @danielvehe, glad to hear that my votes helped you out. The work you do for the Splinterlands community in Venezuela is incredible. Keep up the hustle man, for sure would be cool to meet one day when I am in Venezuela.

Wow, of course. In fact if you come and don't let me know you'll break my heart. 😅

If you need a guide, count on me