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RE: Hello Hive

in #introduction2 months ago

Hi Johal, you're welcome. Although I never had the opportunity to experience your supports back then on steemit, I always appreciate the work you did in supporting people then.

It's quite great to read your intro post. Just out of curiosity, did the #CTT space hosted on twitter over the weekend with @theycallmedan have any impact on your decision to make this introduction post?

I observed you were there and equally followed your SinghCapital account. I will drop a short post with a screenshot of the panelists on that day.


Hey there @emjoe, that was a great space on Twitter and I am definitely looking forward to more of those...I have been planning to make an intro post for a long time but life just got in the way of things and it was not the right time for me. I finally found the time to sit down and push one out.

Ok. It's good you finally broke the jinx and made the post. I'm sure there will surely be more of such Spaces.

I'm glad we will be seeing your posts as often as possible. Do take care of yourself and stay awesome