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Glad to see you getting active @thejohalfiles. So lovely to know more about your life and crypto journey. We briefly interacted on Hive India Chat telegram group which @nathamars introduced me to. Not sure if it's still active but I would love work with you to make the Indian community thrive on Hive. :))

Btw, I really like your tweets mate. They make a lot of sense to me. Moreover, I got interested in ZCash because of you, haha. Thanks for that, it's a fantastic technology just like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hive.

Looking forward to seeing you around and following your fitness journey. It might inspire a lazy bum like me. xD


Btw, you can blog about crypto, finance, money, technology etc. on LeoFinance. :') A perfect Lion's den. xD

Hey @finguru yes it would be great to work with you. I have plans to come to India in the future. I want to hold some education seminars for Hive at the local school in my families village. It would be awesome to collaborate, i'd be willing to help fund Hive education in your area as well. Let's chat more in the Hive India Telegram.

That's a very noble thing to do. I would do my best to help you Johal. Can create graphics, presentations, and study material for the local community.

Let's chat more in the Hive India Telegram.

Done. See you there!

Done. See you there.