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RE: Hello Hive

in #introduction3 months ago

Awesome to see you post, I appreciate the story on how you discovered this crazy crypto stuff.

Wanted to share with you something you did for me, and you may not have even known it...

I was streaming Call of Duty back on Dlive....urgh a few years ago, trying to figure out my path on the old blockchain. I was literally, earning 10 cents or something each post I was making and after about a half a year or so, I was getting pretty discouraged.

You gave me an upvote back then, and it changed everything for me. Inspired me to keep creating, and keep building here. Almost 4 years later, I am forever grateful for your vote because it changed my approach here on the blockchain.


Thats really great to hear brother, thankful I am in a position to help creators like yourself. Good to see you're still here grinding along during these times. Good luck and stay focused on your goals.