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Stoked to see you posting an intro post @thejohalfiles, looks like you've lived a super-interesting life 'till now! Your crypto story is inspiring, going from graveyard shifts to Eth whale hehehe!

I was in many of those protests you witnessed in Greece back in 2011. Shit was hectic, Athens was burning from clashes with police for 1+ year. Bad thing is that nothing changed and actually we are WAY MORE fucked up here right now!

Hope we get to see more posting from you and if you have some free time and love action you should check out @skatehive, the skateboarding community on Hive. We're building since Steem days and we'd love any support we can get!

Fun fact : You upvoted my birthday post 3+ years ago and it was one of the first FAT upvotes I had revieved since I've joined Steem. This motivated me to try my best on chain so thank you for that 😁



Man thats wild to hear you were in those protests, it is unfortunate nothing has changed since then. I will check @skatehive out for sure. Cheers bro, take it easy.