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Hello Hiveans! This is Rebecca finally stepping into this world.

I actually don’t know how to start, but anyway let me do this💪.

I am Rebecca Cabiao, 33, from Northern part of Cebu. I have two kids with me and I love to take care of them whenever I have free time. I already graduated from college just this year but still don’t know or tired of thinking what to really do with my life. Sad, but the time I finished college, it help me realize a lot of things in the world. Myself told me I’m that old and still don’t have a stable job. I mean I am a bit confused of how to handle things in order for my mind to stay at rest. I love to do outdoor activities before, and I want to still do it this time but it seems like life is different now, life is full of unpredictable moments wherein it stops you from doing things you love to do. Life is complicated, life is everything.

Know More About Me

I was able to work in different companies before but still leave me nothing today. But one thing is for sure, that I need to keep moving forward for my future endeavors and for my family. I want to make my own journey of life memorable despite the hardships I encountered in real life. I want to make the most of everything, the years left that God will still give me. I often times feel sad and even feel anxious most of the time. Sometimes I don’t want to feel it myself but I can’t stop it.

Anxiety strikes most of the time right now. I don’t know what is going on with me. I am hoping to talk to someone who can help me recover and give me some helpful advices on what to do. That’s one side of me. While some days can be dark, there are still hopes in the end. I can totally turn dark days to a colorful day if I don’t feel tired.

My Hobbies

Reading books

I love to read books and I love to write too but I love to travel most of the time, to places which are so peaceful, relaxing to mind and got to breathe some fresh air.



I love to ride when the budget is not tight because if I ride I want to taste foods which are new to me. I love to eat foods like batchoy, Korean foods, and not an authentic ramen, lol. I love hot thick soup during cold days.








Travel relaxes me and my inner soul. For me to travel is to release stress. At this moment of time after four years of studying I feel like I want to sleep for one year. I don’t know why? Maybe because I just feel exhausted, feel like resting after how many years of struggles and that struggles are still present after school. Oh my goodness I was expecting a feeling of a lot better mindset but it was a reverse. People nowadays are often wanted a stress free lifestyle and a healthier mind which is hard to handle some other times. Can somebody help me to be happy everyday hehe. Got work before graduation but ends up resting up until now because of over fatigue and whatsoever. Got weak immune system this time, got a lot of work everywhere, at work in the house and it’s a never ending responsibilities.



Your spirit is willing to do a lot of things but your body refuses, need to recharge. I am worried about a lot of things that is why got headaches and my body is just tired every day. I don’t know what I need and even don’t have an idea how to feel better. Life is complicated; life is a game sometimes and has to play it right. When you know you are different from before then something is not well within you, just like what happened to me. But you know what the good thing about having kids is; they give reasons for you to keep going even if you are tired and hopeless.

When you see your kids smile it feels good. My kids for me is my world and my reason that I am still alive, just like any mother right there, our kids are our bright stars in our darkest nights. The battle will not be over yet till you are still breathing, though it’s a thing that you can’t explain you have to keep going forward, life is like that.

Before this day ends, I want to meditate on the things that I can’t control and focus on the things I can. I can never be here without HIM, I can never be breathing up until this very moment without HIS mercy, without HIS goodness, without HIS hopes to make me become stronger when the day that I have to fight a good fight. Anything in the world that is very pleasant to the eyes and a very fulfilling moments in your own life, praise HIS name because it’s all about HIM, many times I want to give up life because I don’t feel good but I can feel HIS presence and lift me up over and over again. One thing is family, for me God gave you family for some reasons not just that but a very important reasons you can think of.

They teach you how to be strong and win the battle in life. Family is not perfect for me, got quarrels sometimes or even worst. But I think that’s life. Life is short to be wasted on crap. Life is short and that’s right that is why you have to do the most out of it, you have to enjoy the game. It can never be called life if it’s always happiness that surrounds you. God gave us problems heavier than we can carry. So we can appreciate the beauty of life. Appreciate HIS creatures and the burdens he gave you it will not be forever only HIS love to us will remain forever.

Why am I here?


I am here not because I want to be better myself but also because I want to help my kids with their financial needs, a bit of help to others whenever I can, charity to those who need as they say. I was once a member of The Sisters of Mary School and just like what the institution did to many of the children who need helping hands, I want to also give back to those who need specially to children.I always have a heart of helping maybe but many times the budget is really tight and still not capable of helping more people. I want to help a lot of people before I leave in this world, I mean it is very common to help but what I feel is the heart of being helpful to poor people wherein I just want to realize everything, God knows my heart's desire. Let's make it a habit to volunteer to any calamities, to volunteer wherever it is needed...It's the heart of volunteerism that matters.

Thanks to @naymphapz and @iamgaz09 for sharing this opportunity and also to @jobeliever for patiently guiding me here. Thank you and God bless us all.


Welcome to Hive @psyreb55. See you around, just keep exploring and engaging with others.

Thank you gagz...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Welcome to hive @psyreb55 ! You're finally here. I know you'll enjoy your stay here and please do ask questions if you have. Subscribe to communities of your interest and good luck on your journey to hive🫶😍

Hi Mam Jo, thank you so much for assisting me all throughout 'til I am finally here....thank you for your patience...God bless po Mam...

Welcome aboard @psyreb55, Excited in your travel blogs to share. Have fun and see you around.

hello po, thank you☺️☺️

Hello! Welcome to hive. Nice knowing a little bit of info about you. Sana ay mag enjoy ka po here. Just explore the site to know more about Hive. And enjoy?

hopefully po talaga mag enjoy and learn something here po..salamat

Thanks mam, hope to meet you in person☺️☺️

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thanks so much @hivebuzz

That's great @psyreb55! We're excited to see your commitment to Hive! Keep it up!

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Welcome to Hive Mam @psyreb55 ❤️Enjoy your journey here and congratulations❤️❤️❤️

Thank you po🙏🙏

my pleasure po, still learning many things and hopefully I will be familiar with everything slowly😉😉

Welcome to Hive, miss @psyreb55! 🥰

hello there...thank you

hi @jeannmazing , thanks so much , nice to meet you here po

You're welcome. 🥰 Nice to meet you, too!

Thanks for taking your time to write; it sounds like you have lots to talk about and want to share.
It is too easy to get caught up in worry, and for sure we all know what it is to worry and it isn't pleasant. Keep your head up and believe in your abilities and work hard to endure. You sound very talented in all sorts of ways; you sound like you are enjoying to share your faith in God. That can always be a fun topic to explore and share experiences with each other.
Lately myself I have been thinking and pretending I am sitting in the middle of the wilderness with the plants and animals and other nature, and while I am sitting I am taking in the wonderful miraculous things that we get to notice.
It is surely incredible to be able to consider how all this life, with the diverse set of realities and interconnected things, got to where it is. This creation truely is facinating and never ending possibilities.
I look forward to hearing more that you write in the future.

Wow, what an inspiring message po. I will really take your advice..God Bless🙏🙏👍👍

Welcome to us @psyrep55, I'm sure you will have a pleasant time here. have a nice day

thank you so much @dewamke44 ...noce to meet you here.

You're welcome . Lady

Oh yes, after a lot of study is very used to feel like you need to sleep like for a year! It’s great that you enjoy traveling, I love it as well! I hope to see your travel pictures!

Have a great journey here on Hive!

hello Mam @belug ,,thanks so much mam...happy to be here and meet people like you😍😍

welcome to hive, hope you enjoy here and get the motive of your life, best of luck for your bright future....

thanks so much po🙏🙏

welcome dear

thanks po @gargi ...God bless

welcome dear..

Welcome to the family girl! We are happy to have you on board!

thank you so much, I appreciate everyone in here☺️☺️

Thank you so much Miss @gabrielatravels ...happy to be here

you are extraordinary, I hope you are always successful.

Thank you😍😍

Welcome to hive,ma'am! @psyreb55. I know you will enjoy writing here. See you around!

hello po, thanks po😍😍☺️

Hi Rebecca, welcome! have a great experience including Hive in your life! you will find a lot of variety of things to do or share. I hope you explore and enjoy. I was delighted to hear that you read and that you have two children. Life is weird, but it's also magical.
I send you a hug 😊

Sorry for my late reply @littlesorceress but thank you so much..I appreciate it

Wow you are most welcome to hive

Thanks so much @olusolaemmanuel ..it'better late than never reply☺️sorry

Welcome to hive mam @psyreb55 .. 🥰

Welcome here @ hive maam @psyreb55
I am amazed at your bravery in what you have experienced that you continue to move forward with it. You are doing the right thing to find a place where you can relax maam, just keep going and you will get through it just trust in the Lord always

Hi @jedum sorry I'm late,thanks for the inspiring words to keep going pp...God bless!

Your welcome maam God bless and happy new year.

Welcome to Hive @psyreb55. Goodluck with your Hive journey. I'm excited to see and read more from you.

Hello mam @psyreb55 ...praying for you mam..🙏❤..I had once experience deep depression mam to the point that I cannot sleep for few months...it's a long story...but the Lord Jesus Christ healed me inside out... praying for your complete healing mam...and I hope magka kita ta in person.☺️God bless you mam..

hello crownrich, sorry for the late reply but I will take your advice, and thank you so much☺️

Welcome to Hive @psyreb55 🤗

sorry for the late reply but thank you @netswriting

First and foremost, congratulations on graduating from college! That's a significant achievement, and you should be proud of it. It's entirely normal to feel a bit uncertain about what comes next. Many people go through a period of figuring things out after completing their education.

Life can indeed be unpredictable, and it's okay not to have all the answers right away. Each person's journey is unique, and there's no specific timeline for achieving certain milestones. It's essential to focus on what makes you happy and fulfilled.

You are actually right @ilmaffeiano78 ,, yes that's what I come to realize that i dont need to rush things...thanks so kuch for your advice🙏🙏