Steemit and Steampunk: A Natural Fit?

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Hi Steemians, from a Steampunk fan! You can guess I'm a cosplayer -- been doing it since before it was cool. I'm also musical theatre composer ("The Passion of Persephone"), author ("Windfall!!"), public speaker (Toastmasters), and Jyotisha (American Academy of Vedic Art and Science). I'm excited to be investing in cryptos, and writing for an outlet that pays! I'll be posting articles about vedic astrology and musings about romantic relationships. IMG_3728.JPG


Welcome to Steemit, @rosannatufts!

Hope you enjoy being here!

This message was written by my introduceyourself bot, but I'm a real user :)

Shall you have any questions, feel free to reply to me. I'll gladly answer your questions :)

You can also go to and chat with the Steemit Community over there!

Welcome to Steem!!

Welcome to Steemit. Look forward to your posts.