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RE: Hello Hive

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Good to see your introduction post. I guess a lot of people were thinking who is this mysterious guy, now we all know :D I still remember all your help towards me and other people on the platform. Especially after we all got fucked by Dtube and Steem dicks. It was very interesting story and some things kinda similar to me from gamer to crypto to gym.

And wow your dad had really serious job, the only time I heared about detectives was from movies. I'm surprised by that part.

I have a huge list that i've been building for many years of over 400 places that id like to visit.

oh shit 400 places, thats sounds like a lot. For me the only places I want to see is Japan, Thailand and Korea

So ill be documenting my return to training in that regard as well.

I'm looking forward to see those posts. Maybe I'm not an expert in Martial Arts, but I love bodybuilding.


@txmek wow its been awhile bro, awesome to still see you here. Hope the streaming life is going well! I will try to drop in on Vimm again sometime soon. Thanks for the comment.