Hello everyone, my name is Divine Oyindamola Osas. I was told about hive by my husband @spirall
who's had his whole day cut out talking nothing else but Hive. Well, I thought I'd come here to see for myself what this addiction really is so here is me entering the ocean ready to dive.

Me, My first son and my kid sister

My husband (@spirall) and i


I hail from Edo state, Nigeria.
I'm a mother of (4) three, Two girls and two boys (I recently just gave birth to my last son a month ago). Residing in Lagos Nigeria, I am the second child of 6 children but the first daughter.


As an event Person, catering and planning events comes with the job. Graduated from Yetkem institute of catering and hotel management,my hunger for catering pushed me further to learn more about events.I have been in the industry for over 15 years and did I forget to mention it that I love to cook oh I cook even for the fun of it, from continental meal to local traditional meal.

What To Expect

On the hive blockchain I will be writing and teaching us about Real African cuisines and pastries, some are my personal recipes and some from my mums kitchen, I will be writing about some african healing herbs too as I've noticed there's is a community that is set aside for natural medicine.


Welcome to HIVE protocol.

Looking forward to Thriving on Hive Together

Heard so much about you, I look forward to your mentorship.... Thank you... You made my day

Welcome emaginationnz!
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Welcome to hive @emaginationnz. It's good to have you here. I know your husband @spirall, he is a very good HIVE friend of mine and I hope he helps you out in everything you need to understand about Hive.

Do have a nice day. Wish you a successful journey on hive.

Thank you so much....

you are highly welcome to hive blog chain, can't wait to start seeing post from you especially the continental meal you talked about. you will as well get votes. i follow you immediately

Thank you 😘

Thank you, I am honored.🤗

i like both subjects, ... different foods and also herbs and healing, .. ill be looking out for your posts ! .... welcome !

Thank you🤗

i didn't see this for the #joinhive contest because the #joinhive tag was not used. I've upvoted a different post by you! Welcome to Hive!!!

Thank you so very much....🥰🥰

Hi there! Welcome abroad and enjoy your stay!