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Hello, my name is Žygimantas. I am 19 years old and I want to tell you my story. So I born in 2003 June 05. Since our family havent be rich we had a old green house. When I was 3, I got my first computer with Windows XP. And that time I knew what I want to be. I want to become something from computers hobby with something bigger. So, when I got to my first school at age 6. Some people hated me because I am disabled. So, bullying got along and long time... People like why you are trying to become what you want instead you will be a homeless man with no money. They called me loser and etc. So, in 6th grade I tried to make youtube vlogs about my life and etc. Nobody liked it. I had to turn off everything. So, in 7th grade, I started to learn about crypto and decentralized media (or as we call web 3.0). People been like you can try but your gonna lose... So, I want that some day my truth will come true...

  • Žygimantas


You can do this! And it will be that much sweeter when you can show the bullies just how wrong they were!

Thank you!!!

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