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As I get older I do not see the need to be heard or seen, which explains my recent (or long-term) symbiotic relationship with Tiktok. I get to watch other people humour, entertain and educate me. The issue with this approach is that I write for a living. In other words, if i don’t write, I dont get to eat (which is not true).

If someone had told me years ago that I would not want to write or create content, I would have disregarded it. Me? Not write? Impossible. I love this job. It comes to me naturally because I am lazy and opinionated. However, I am here, a decade after i decided to post my very first blog contemplating if content creation is something I want to do in the long run.

One of the major reasons I got into content creation was to connect with people. I also thought i had something to say, now i just want to say less because there are just too many conversations going on in my hand and the real world. In addition, social media/ content creation is a business, and i do hate (but live with the reality) that everything about being an adult has to be transitional/financial.

Another thing that unsettles me about creation creation now is how heavily it is influenced by algorithms. Social media is about engagement determined by algorithms and it sucks if you're not a content creator with a huge following. When I started social media/content creation it was more about social connections with mutuals/friends/family and I craved that connection and it was obvious in my writing. That has changed now.

Hive was my haven from the web 2.. It allowed me to socialise and make money. That has slowly changed over the years, and now I am at a place where I am just indifferent about everything. My priorities have changed, and so has the way I want to make money or meet people.

The truth of the matter is that i have come to terms with the fact that i made the wrong bet about where social media would be now. The thought of going back to Web 2 to grow an audience is quite daunting. That doesn’t change the fact that i have to do it if i want to make anything out of this business called content creation.

However, right now, creating content is not the priority. I need to put my family in a position that gives me the room to do what I want. It sucks but that is all part of growing up. So if you are young with little or no responsibility, this is the best time to do whatever it is you want. Trust me, it gets harder over time.

In conclusion, I am still going to put out content. They are not going to be personal. More crypto gibberish but that’s the trend right now and I am trying to make a bag or two myself. That will be all for today. Cheers!


You do you and your people will find and follow you.

easier said than done, but i get you.

Brother. I'm all about the concern you raised in this post. I enjoy Hive and I enjoy remote working. It's good to earn in Crypto, especially now that Naira is messing up and Nigeria is in financial downtrend. I'm sure we all saw this about Nigeria when we finished Uni and we thought of an alternative that will give us leverage. When I got into Hive, I saw it as that opportunity. I still do, but with my current earning, HP and stuff, it's really hard to imagine myself building a house, running my home (when that happens) and giving myself the sort of life I want with the stuff I earn here.

During December of last year, I decided to explore Web2 and started with Twitter. It's been a rather dicey adventure. It gave me more exposure about other stuff happening in the crypto world outside Hive. Seriously, there is a lot happening out there that it makes me not to want to devote 100% to Hive alone.

The one about feeling uninspired to write is something I started feeling after the dramatic experience I had with Hivewatchers at some point in January.

For now, my best bet would be a permanent or long-term relocation to a more decent country where I can earn and use my earning to get back to the Crypto world with hope of building a proper future.

Well, nothing is certain. I would have loved to run a reaction channel on YouTube and subsequently take it to other areas like 3speak, but I haven't been well prepared to get into that adventure.

Nice to read from you, Bro. You are doing your best in this life adventure.

Thanks for your response brother, I really appreciate it. I too love Hive but there is so much happening in the space, it would be foolish to just not capitalise on it. So 2024 is about doing just that (for me). Our reality isn't the same as some other people in this space so they won't understand and it is fine. I have come to terms with that. For now I am chasing the bag and doing my best to be in a better position.
May God grant us out heart desire.