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Facbook GotCancelled

That's it. Done.


Full Neo Therapy. practice on Facebook because I'm really tired and I really want to stay offline for a few days to reboot!

Could someone let me know if it is up, please?

I get cancelled a LOT! :D

And if I don't most folks are too scared of themselves to engage anyway

I don't take things personally though so I just keep on sharing my experience anyway.

I'd hate for almost 11 years of fucking hard sweat to go to waste. I almost died to figure this action based recovery maybe program see if it works for you.

Really. Almost died three times. #TrueStory


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Hello angel :)

Upvoting is my fave thing to do. There shall be more upvotes!!! But thanks for letting me know.

Stay you <3

You're welcome @nickydee! Have a nice day 😊👍