Elephant.Money Deflationary Token Fair Launch Presale

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Introducing the latest RFI token to hit BSC, Elephant.Money! This is part of a much larger ecosystem and community (The Bankroll Network) with a proven track record. This is the fairest launch possible with an open liquidity event that is only open for the next few days. This will be the best price offered and there is already over 1 million In assets contributed.

ELEPHANT.MONEY is a future-proof way to compound profits made on BSC. We are raising liquidity for the ELEPHANT token, our store of value on BSC. Here you will get the most ELEPHANT for the lowest cost. 25% of a quadrillion tokens will be distributed to those who participate in the token drive. A transaction fee of 10% is charged on all transfers of the ELEPHANT token. These fees are split evenly between payments to existing holders and locked liquidity.

More info here with a great informational video from my buddy Slo :


Dude.. did you get in on Bonfire! I'm sorry I didn't send you the AMA rite when I saw it on May 4th.. trying to on-board those fuckers onto hive.. they say they want tokenized social media

Unfortunately, no… Too many opportunities to keep up. LOL. Let me know Whatever you hear in the future. All good bro

Forsure dude! I've got to do a video now about how I got banned from the bonfire discord because I was "Aggressively" marketing my own company (hive) in the opinion of one of the many community moderators/wanna be developer.. man that was an entertaining waste of time! Easy 6x tho

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Hey! Sorry to message you here but I could not find you in Discord!

I wanted to ask for your vote for the PIZZA team as both a HIVE and Hive-Engine witness.

We run active nodes for both and are actively working to both build on HIVE and showcase existing tools (such as TribalDex offerings) to help make this thing of ours more attractive to new and existing users.

We would love your support!

Our HIVE witness is @pizza.witness and we're working super hard to get into the top 50 (getting super close!).

Our Hive-Engine witness is @pizza-engine (currently ranked #19)

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for taking the time to read!