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Been finally going through my security after losing 20k this year and I like the ledger integration, I usually only used keychain and used ledger as well but was not into defi until a few years ago. I have sheets of codes of old wallets to check and put in my old wallets back ups just in case of a drop or something. Who knows lol.

I just started using the Bnb and eth lps can I stake them (lp tokens) and still get the yield in SPS on top of sushi dist and sushi if swaps. Or is it just one or the other? Same for pancake swap will I get a additional 8% ish on top of the 45% right now if staked?

Anyone also want to just pull all are witness votes and make as many as can be funded HIVE Node Group. I have 18 SPS nodes and 10 glx nodes as well and would like to get a DAO together formed in the West Indies with a Trust that administers the LLC and takes title incase of litigation and if not the assets are back in you’re name. I’m sure I’m going to have a lawyer do it so I can have it be as private as possible. Also all assets will be in crypto except for assets that are not Fiat in a brokerage account used to hedge and borrow to pay expenses up since they let you borrow 2/1 overnight might as well have a few equities and use the cheap margin debit card against the assets and same with the digital portfolio.

If we created something called the or Splinter Juice Digital DAO and be focused on creating efficient accounts most earning to/cost as possible optimizing teams of players specializing in each fray, specializing in rule sets, deck building for bots that play when humans are not. The plan is up to 300 accounts and 30 guilds. There will be a 30 guild alliance where we can claim more and more of income by using the best for each thing. Also if we get to gold+ decks then rewards are about 5-10 per day. Get even 90 accounts 3 guilds that’s 900 a day not including posting daily all battles to get hive. Also post automatically posting to 10 plus similar chains rewarding creators so going to use AI and automation to post one post 20 times on diff chains and also use text to audio, art posts, statistics from the database we’ll be hopefully making as well as a much better analysis system.

The key to making sure that smaller players have power is we all work together and start a witness node for hive take all of are smaller votes and combine them then invest the profits in lps and other votes on.

There will be a main site that all articles and posts goto as well as templates optimized to get votes based on data analysis.

Any revenue will first be used to build up the treasury and income then expand further and an ultimate goal of having a decentralized gamer pension type thing where 75% of the cash flow is re invested and 25% is paid out with 25% end of year.

If all the smaller players come together and just vote on posts for funding the DAO it won’t even be to hard to do and the earliest get the best terms once tge offering is ready.

Anyone interested in starting a DAO that starts with gaming on hive and all that then uses that to expand other sources and investments. Eventually we’ll have a group of ppl that control a multi sig treasury and until then which is maybe 6 months I'm just running my version with 50-80k of my assets and will be documenting the performance etc. it will be documented with a real digital asset mgmt program as well to be accurate.

Once the self test is done then there will be 3 investment rounds from 1 eth in y1 to 2 eth .5 y 3 eth 1 year so the min goes up and it’s limited to 30 investors to avoid registering with the sec and adding a lot of costs.

Also doing that would allow the smaller players to challenge the decisions and that’s really the only way to get a say is cons together. I’m technically a whale in the top 200 but not enough to move the needle on things like the validator bonus sps etc , land efficiency.

I would envision a big alliance of players that have a focus on all digital asset investments starting with gaming.

The voting seed round will be a bunch of give always for units based on how much can you vote and you can vote 4 times a day and the proceeds will goto the multi sig wallet to invest. Once cash flow is significant we can go further and go for a reg cf or reg a capital raise. We can also do a reg d deal as well and if we come up with a interesting model which I think I have I think it will do well.


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