DTube is Live!

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New listing: DTube

  • DTube blockchain goes live today!
  • $DTUBE trading pairs with $BTC $ION

Trade now on ionomy Exchange

ionomy is proud to be the first exchange to list DTube.


Get a free secure mobile DTUBE wallet with your ionomy account.

Discover DTube

DTube is a privacy-focused video sharing platform that rewards creators, curators, and influencers with crypto.

Created in 2017, DTube is the leader in video on the blockchain. DTube’s chain is tailor-made for video sharing. By voting, posting, or commenting on videos, users earn $DTUBE without ever giving away their data to third parties.

Originally launched as a STEEM dApp, DTube is relaunching on its own independent blockchain on October 1st, 2020.


Since DTube is decentralized, creators can be confident that their work won't be shut down. That's increasingly important in an era of de-platforming.

You don't have to ask permission to create videos on DTube.

And you don't have to ask permission to trade on ionomy Exchange.


Well done Ionomy and dtube! Enriching the ecosystem as always

Great news! Proud to be a part of this

Is there a wallet page? Seems like we can only hover over our balance.

I see you can login with Steem, Hive, or DTube.

How does signing in with Steem and Hive event token distribution?

Also, the link to create an account says it's for the testnet, where is the link to sign up for the mainnet?


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I will buy some :)

Good to hear this good news.

Your wallet is broken!


ionomy developers identified and repaired a bug that could cause this problem in rare situations. The bug is fixed.

@ionomy your exchange is failing. Sending out multiple times to people. Check your HIVE WALLET. YOUR HIVE IS DRAINING FAST.

@ionomy your exchange is failing. Sending out multiple times to people. Check your HIVE WALLET. YOUR HIVE IS DRAINING FAST.

I no longer have DTC in my account and all of my VP has dissappeared... what did i do?

Hello @ionomy
I withdrew hive but I still haven't received it in my hive wallet. Over 8 hours ago


Good morning friends of @ionomy. I would like to know if you have a Discord server so I can request help. I made a bad transaction for a detail that I forgot. I would like to get the money back. If you can contact me I will be very grateful. You can find me on my own @juanmanuellopez1, this account is from my project, and it was with this that I had the problem today. Thanks a lot!