SPK Network Funding Proposal

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Note: For additional details on any of the below, please refer to the SPK Network Light Paper

Note: The SPK Network is completely open-source, and no tokens will be given to the team working on it. All SPK token distribution will be done by the SPK Network protocol, which rewards peers in the Network for providing social media content infrastructure services, and via the Hive claim drop.

What the System Aims to Achieve for DPoS Graphene Technology:

  • DPoS becomes the natural go-to side chain for high fee protocols such as ETH and BTC.
  • BTC, ETH, Hive, PPY, SPK, and Wax tips are all from the same blockchain account (more chains will be added as time goes on).
  • Off-chain storage for reducing content/info storage bloat from Hive layer I.
  • Censorship resistant data with the ability to delete your own off-chain content.
  • Incentivised Peer to Peer content infrastructure provision system including as Content Delivery, Encoding, Storage.
  • Distributed, on-chain NFT (attached image) & normal image storage on IPFS
  • User self-hosting of NFTs.
  • Own your NFTs outright (no need to rely on centralised NFT services such as Opensea.io).
  • Open-source community content governance System, using community driven content policies and Content Portals. Each community regulates its own content.
  • Compatible foundation for native Hive tokens, paving the way for smart contract and HMT tokens on Hive layer I with DEX system.
  • Permanent Service Infrastructure DeFi Pools (SIPs) which back communities with fees generated from their own DeFi pools and grow forever.
  • Payments for digital services and products into an autonomous DeFi pool protocol.
  • Major sink for Hive & HBD with payments for LARYNX Miner Tokens and ad rights being locked into the SIP DeFi pool permanently
  • Ability for DPos Chains to cap their governance tokens and sustain from SIP DeFi Fees instead of inflation.
  • Efficiency Adjusting Miner Tokens LARYNX, claim dropped to all HIVE & HIVE POWER holders.
  • Liquid gas token (BROCA), which gives the option for an alternative to the Resource Credits system if required outside of SPK Network.
  • BROCA Gas token incentivises peers to provide improved content infrastructure services such as CDN, Encoding, and long term storage
  • Highly deflationary, SPK Governance token with long term, diminishing inflation until supply cap is reached.
  • SPK token Bond system where long term power-ups are rewarded with additional inflation, rewards, and additional governance rights.
  • SPK decentralised proposal fund with stake weighted voting and competitive price bidding for proposals
  • Independent and self-hosting content creator websites will be able to utilise the Network to create their own immutable Breakaway Communities / Speak Hubs, direct account ownership, community token economies, NFTs, and also distributed storage of their content.
  • Open Source Web Application and skins for new communities to easily customise and set up a Breakaway Community / Speak Hub
  • Meme backed NFT Mining of rare, collectible content creator issued MFT's
  • Perma web - content that the community/creator deems as sufficiently important will be funded such that it can be stored permanently on the SPK Network IPFS system
  • Open-source Distributed Database (OSDD) will allow for the following account features:
    • Uploading off-chain,
    • Commenting off-chain
    • Adjusting account settings / Syncing account data across multiple devices and frontends
    • Attaching multiple blockchain accounts to main account
  • General content Advertisement System
  • Communities Advertisement System
  • LARYNX Miner Token Claim Drop 1
  • LARYNX Miner Token Claim Drop 2

(NOTE: claim drops will be to Hive and Hive Power holders)

3Speak Team Involvement

The 3Speak team has developed the following applications which will run on top of Hive and the SPK Network:

  • 3Speak Web Application
  • 3Speak Desktop Application
  • Distributed IPFS storage
  • First time Hive has the ability to self host content and guarantees upload of and ability to watch a video on Hive / IPFS ecosystem even if 3Speak web application is not available.

Working with Peerplays

Peerplays Blockchain team has offered to provide their resources to help build the tokenomics system for SPK Network using an adaptation of their SONs technology.

The PBSA team has worked extensively with Graphine and has some of the worlds foremost expertise in the code base. They collaborated with the Hive core Dev team at the inception of Hive and have continued developing code together regularly ever since. The two teams have an extensive history of working together long prior to Hive having started.

Peerplays Blockchain is built on the same graphene code base as Hive, meaning any open source technology built on Peerplays can be integrated with Hive with minimal development resources.

The SPK Network tokenonmics system will, therefore, initially be built on Peerplays Blockchain, with the intention of working with the community to port it across to Hive layer 1 when the system is operating efficiently. Once testing is completed, the work front for porting accross to Hive will be open from approxiately Q2 2022.

In order to demonstrate long term support for this project and assist in creating the initial SIP liquidity pools, Peerplays will utilise their own funds to create the initial liquidity pools within the SPK Network DEX/SIP.

Additional Technical Details

Please refer to the post HERE issued by @vaultec and @bobinson for a technical summary of how this work will be achieved. The intention is that this demonstrates that the team has the technical know-how to complete this work. This document will provide you with additional context/understanding of the underlying design of the project. Keep in mind; this is also yet just an overview which is subject to change as we build out the protocol.

Scope of Milestones

Engineers to execute the scope:

  • Peerplays (@bobinson)
  • 3Speak (@vaultec)
  • 3Speak (additional Developers (TBD), in vetting process)

Service Nodes

  • In-App Decentralised Node operation,
  • CDN Node,
  • Storage Node,
  • Local Encoding Node,
  • Service Node,
  • Temporary Caching Nodes
  • Service Node Indexing,

"Mining" Mechanisms

  • Interfacing / integrating SONs with Speak network mining mechanisms,
  • Storage Block Mining,
  • CDN Mining,
  • Encoder Node Mining,
  • Service Node Mining,
  • Caching / Pinning Mining/ad watching

IPFS system

  • Disable Cashing / change IPFS node storage location,
  • Storage Limiter Settings,
  • Change Cache duration

Account Management

  • Orbit / OSDD Database accounts,
  • Binding multiple blockchain accounts into a single account,
  • Commenting using indexing system,
  • Stake weighted voting,
  • Syncing comments/upvotes/playlists and other information to and from indexing service nodes.
  • Export/import user profile from file,
  • Sync followers from Hive (First time user experience)
  • Seed based Distributed Database key pairs,

Breakaway Communities / SPK Hubs

  • Binding Hive communities to distributed communities,
  • Multi Admin Support,
  • Community Post Duplication prevention

Claim Drop System

  • Claimed tokens distribution,
  • Unclaimed tokens distribution,
  • Community stake weighted voting system for distribution of unclaimed tokens

Set Up Your own Content Platform

  • A SPK network SDK will be developed for the purpose of interacting with the Network from a custom frontend or 3rd party platform
  • Additionally, during the development process, 3speak.tv will be refactored from the ground up to support the SPK network. Part of this will also include open sourcing a basic template for creating your own SPK network frontend.

Desktop App

Note: this is a rough high level overview; there will likely be more planned features in the future.
Note: this list is partially incomplete as not every feature has been architected and triaged yet.

Take a look at the MVP for the 3Speak desktop and flagship desktop app for the SPK network https://github.com/3speaknetwork/3Speak-app/releases

Feature set

  • User Verification System
  • Leaderboard/ranking of content creators,
  • Live Streaming directly from the app. (Open source distributed live streaming protocol)
  • Ad network (Out of scope for now, but will be implemented in the future)
  • Crypto tipping
  • Video playlists (cross-platform, independent video playlist standard using Ceramic/Orbitdb)
  • Selling premium content. Similar to Patreon.


  • Translations (support multiple languages)
  • Next vid button (as seen on 3speak.tv or youtube)
  • Video recommendations on both watch page sidebar and on home page. Optional recommendation algorithm to tailor content to a user's preferences.

IPFS/backend Side:

  • Default Gateway selection. Ability to change your primary IPFS gateway.
  • Running IPFS as a service/background in the app. Give users the option to disable or enable the background.
  • Develop an interoperable wrapper for IPFS. IPFS currently lacks a interop layer between applications, meaning if two applications utilize the local daemon, there is a possibility of conflicting with each other.
  • Automatically download videos from content creators you follow


  • Offline javascript player for true offline first functionality. Save video locally for playback later.

Video Uploading

  • FFmpeg local encoding, Note this is done at present as an MVP but requires more extension/maturity.
  • Webm-VP9 support across the board. Including support for decoding VP9 to H264 for playback on nonsupporting devices.
  • Hardware acceleration.
  • Video captions
  • Video timestamps. Similar to how on youtube, creators can label certain sections of their video, effectively creating chapters.
  • Temporary upload acceleration servers (Shunters as they are called in the desktop app)
  • Debug Menu,

Service Infrastructure Pool (SIP)

  • DeFi Mechanisms,
  • Payments into SIP,
  • Payments out to Project Funding Pool,
  • Payments out to Support Infrastructure in times of low payouts,
  • Staking,
  • Token Wrapping,
  • Community Liquidity pools & DeFi

SPK Network Proposal System

  • Task Setting System,
  • Funding mechanism,
  • Bidding System,
  • Voting System

Proposal Bidding Platform


(This is an MVP - not yet completed)

Peerplays SONs and Decentralised Token System

  • Content creators can create their own tokens (UIAs), including token Staking,
  • Stake weighted voting system for setting Network variables,
  • Mining Rewards distribution system,
  • Integrate Token system into Desktop App,
  • Account Referral system Rewards Distribution,
  • Sidechain Operating Nodes (SONs): a trustless, decentralized PoS cross-chain mechanism for running smart contracts and oracles to distribute rewards on the Network,
  • Decentralised Exchange (DEX),
  • Resource permission system (allows Dapps to limit account features to certain users so that assets and/or governance are available only on certain Dapps or to certain users),
  • Instant Peer ID sign-up system with Facebook, Discord, and Google accounts as well as customs authorities,
  • Peerplays SONs Governance System and Gamified User Namespaces (GUNS),
  • Peerplays Subject Matter Expert (SMEC) governance and variables voting system,
  • Dynamic Power Up rewards NFTs (Bond staking),
  • The longer and more you Power Up, the higher your interest rate is. Additionally, the longer the Power-up is locked in, the more influential the governance vote becomes, rewarding long term holders with proportionally more influence, the longer they Power Up,
  • Content Creator/community token creation system,
  • Fan tokens creation system - these are sub tokens created by a member of a community that is attached to or associated with a top-level creator token or community.


  • NFTs (Native ERC 721 & 1155 compliant),
  • NFT Market place and bidding platform,
  • NFT Storage on IPFS,
  • NFT mining by Staking Creator Tokens,
  • NFT Memes System,
  • Unique non-transferable digital assets (educational course completion certificates, for example)

API System

To include video uploading and delivery initially but ultimately to allow any platform to easily integrate any web3 tool that is available on the SPK Network. (See technical overview for further details)

Muting and Blocklists/content policy system

As described in Light Paper & technical overview

Content Gateways Portals

As described in Light Paper & technical overview


Cost of Servers/experimental infrastructure. Funding will be used accordingly to operate development and testnet infrastructure.


390.09 USD per day for 365 days = 142,382.85 USD

Insurance Guarantee of Funds

The funds will be sent to the account @spkproposal and distributed to cover the costs for execution of the above scope from there. The SPK Network Proposal will have two trusted Hive Community members as the trustees to the funds received by the proposal. @starkerz & @theycallmedan both will take on responsibility for these funds and will ensure they are distributed to the SPK network developers and provide their guarantee that they will reimburse this proposal in the event of any funds lost.

Final notes:

If you have any comments, concerns, confusion, or parts of this proposal or attached documents, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to answer.

About the SPK Network:
The SPK Network is a decentralized Web 3.0 protocol that rewards value creators and infrastructure providers appropriately and autonomously by distributing reward tokens in such a way that every user, creator, and platform, will be able to earn rewards on a level playing field.

Read the SPK Network Light Paper: https://peakd.com/hive/@spknetwork/spk-network-light-paper

Website: https://spk.network/

Telegram Group: https://t.me/spknetwork

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/JbhQ7dREsP

Support this proposal:



I have voted the proposal but would be more happy if you'd wait until it works with Hive.

Wouldn't you get a more loyal base of tokenholders if you only claimdrop to HP holder. I had in mind that this was the original plan and otherwise a very big part go's to exchanges where it is not known who holds the Hive.

And finally a more technical question, will it be possible to run a storage node on a Raspberry, since most laptops and computers will not run 24h?

The miner token is only dropped to hive holders. Where did you get the impression that this is not the case?

It is expected that nodes can be run on raspberries

Efficiency Adjusting Miner Tokens LARYNX, claim dropped to all HIVE & HIVE POWER holders.

I originally thought it would be given out to the ones who staked Hive only.

Yes we figured that HP + HIVE balances should be taken into account instead of only HP holders.

If u think this is not the right approach and have a really good reason why not, happy to continue chat with u on this

My reasoning was just that the ones who staked it would be more loyal. Just for clearification, will it be dropped to holders on exchanges? I guess, still a lot of Hive there belongs to the ones who take part in the takeover of steem but no one really knows.

Exchanges will receive, if they claim. Unclaimed tokens go into decentralised fund

Ok, thanks for answering

Supporting this proposal should be a no-brainer, but my main concern before hitting the support button is the choice of the Peerplays blockchain for managing your tokens.

Peerplays is a ghost chain:

  • No activity for months if not years
  • The last code update was made 4 years ago
  • 11 unknown top witnesses voted by unknown users

All of this backed by a PPY token valued at $0

Although I can understand that there are good technical reasons to do so, it doesn't really make me confident about its security and the relevance of your choice.
IMHO, this should be addressed first.


The chain has active development - in fact quite a lot.

  1. The last release is on July 27th 2021
  2. Development and Project Management is here : https://gitlab.com/PBSA/peerplays/
  3. In the context of Hive, the current development feature is the Hive - Peeplays sidechain & the test docker setup is here. Note: This has Bitcoin Sidechain as well as the Hive Sidechain and obviously the Peerplays chain code.

If there is anything on the tech / development side of things, I can answer them

Thanks for pointing me to the GitLab repository.
I was checking PBSA's GitHub repository from a link I stored when I was a PeerPlays witness.
Obviously, this one is no more updated and should refer to the new one.

That being said, if it's still the same chain (even if updated) on which the SPK network plans to rely, the matter of known and trusted witnesses still needs to be addressed.

I agree that the number of active nodes needs to be increased on Peerplays. Currently there are 11 - 12 nodes operating as what we class as credible trusted witnesses and another 7 running Peerplays Bitcoin Sidechain nodes.

For the Hive-SPK-SONs sidechain 15 nodes each will be required. It can run with a smaller number such as 7 if we decides to operate with fewer nodes. The more nodes plus backup nodes the better the scenario is for decentralization and resilience.

Ideally the number of witness nodes should be increased. We hope that as the project grows and interest gathers, with the community's support and input, alongside the Bitcoin and HIVE sidechains there will be more participation from operators.

It is technically very easy to run the Peerplays node & the hardware requirements are very nominal. Its also possible to run the nodes along side Hive or Bitcoin Sidechain nodes too. The size of the chain is around 16 GB at this point and assuming one is using docker or a pre-built binary, the cost to operate a node will be only around 20-25 USD per month. The technology to operate this node system is built and in place, now it needs the people to get involved to further decentralise. We see this as a great opportunity therefore for Hive and Peerplays community collaboration to build something the sum of which is greater than its individual parts

Threespeak will also run initiatives to help incentivize further decentralization of Peerplays, should this be necessary and as the time comes. Additionally, it may be that the SPK Network itself also distributes some of its rewards to users running Peerplays nodes in order to further decentralize that eco system. This has not been decided yet, and will be incorporated should further decentralization of Peerplays be required at the time

Great questions and completely fair. In addition to @bobinson comments, there is a certain runway to consider here. At present, Peerplays has:

3X C++
4X Javascript/React/NodeJS
3X Quality Assurance Testers

All working full time on Peerplays now.
You can go to Peerplays LinkedIn to see we are actively hiring more full-time roles as well. We are rather thorough in our daily screening and only take A+ candidates from around the world. Out of several hundred we look for 'the one'.

Only recently did a marketing team start to come together with a:

Performance Marketing Manager
Content Marketing Head
2X Copywriters
UI/UX Designer
Brand Specialist
2X Media Assistance

All now working together in bringing out a fresh new position in the blockchain space for Peerplays.

We're excited to work with SPK and Hive so that we can make some firsts in blockchain history that signal a future of collaboration among the chains.

Thank you for the additional information.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the SPK Network project and proposal. I'm all in. And so is it about Peerplays.
I'm truly impressed by the work done on Peerplays and have nothing against its technology.
I wish so many features you have were available on Hive.

But on a DPOS system, trust you put in witnesses is key.
When you review the current ones on the Peerplays blockchain (https://peerplaysblockchain.info/accounts/witnesses) they all look voted by the same stakeholders and their presentation links often lead to outdated if not unavailable pages.
Hence the concern I expressed.

interesting article, I am looking for the SPK repository and find wonderful info like this, now to see if they have updated much from here...

I'm wondering if the @spknetwork answer addresses your questions.

No, it didn't. Their answer addresses technology, not security.

Hello Arcange hope all is great. Could you explain like 5 the possible security issues you are addressing for the non technical peeps like myself? Regards.

OK, in my answer I take it that you have some knowledge of blockchain technology and how DPOS works. Here are some simple security issues to consider:

Scenario 1:

  • SPK network and its users put money (tokens) into the PPY side-chain
  • unknown PPY witnesses (collude and) change the blockchain code, steal user's tokens, sell them and disappear

Scenario 2:

  • bad actor buy a lot of worthless PPY token
  • it then votes for its own witnesses to get a supermajority
  • it then applies scenario 1

Doesn't Scenario 2 remind you of something?

And there are still other possible scenarios like all current (unknown to me) witnesses being already controlled by one entity.

Am I paranoid? Yes! But when it comes to security, paranoia is a must.

So it relies on PPY token? I thought it would be a fork or something.

Yes, up to now it relies on PPY, hence my concern about security


Is that for backed tokens or what value provide peerplays? I think that questions are really good, our biggest advantage in our community :) Everyone knows something about everything :D

How much finding is coming from ETH BRC and other tokens?

This is a private venture for private wealth and should not be funded by the Hive blockchain. This is not Hive development. This is private wealth accumulation with no payback.

Giving 142K to a outside network that will inevitably profit from its user base. Thats a joke.

Edit: You are right, only a no brain would support.

Why start building on another chain and how can we be convinced that it will be switched over to the Hive blockchain at the earliest convenience? I mean, you want to use our money, but not build initially on Hive from day one. I think that's suspect. Please address my question in detail.

Thank you

At the moment Hive does not have the needed technology to build the token system. Hive engine is one option that we were looking at, but it proved to not the best fit. The majority of SPK network operations will be done through Hive. The only part of the SPK network done on PPY will be the token system, but consensus level operations will primarily be done using Hive as a means for communication/consensus. We made the decision it would not be within our interests to build an entire token layer on top of Hive, then build the SPK network on top of that. It's not a productive use of our time for a project focused on video content. The idea is to integrate with SMTs once it has been implemented, tested and put in place properly. In a few regards, PPY will as serve trial to test out and build the protocol without going through unnecessary hoops of a Hive token layer. PPY has wrapping functionality for wrapping Hive for interacting with the SPK network token system. This is an ongoing topic which we will need to do further clarification/sort out and provide updates on. As the functionality is built into Hive either through SMTs or other we will make the necessary changes to migrate over.

Additionally, (not entirely related to the above), the indexing system is meant to help "bind" multiple blockchains into the SPK network and along with indexing Hive social media content relevant to videos or other selective criteria. The token system will remain on Hive/PPY. The indexing entails users can post using an Ethereum, Bitcoin or other compatible blockchain wallets onto the SPK network and ultimately onto Hive as well. The idea here is to bridge the gap from web2 websites, well known blockchains but lack proof of brain rewarding and blogging system. Indexing on Hive is a huge issue. Currently there options for indexing of Hive posts aren't great. HiveSQL is one option for developers, but it's centralized, slow and does not index JSON metadata of posts, necessary for a lot of projects. The standard Hive RPC API does not even provide any kind of indexing outside of a very narrow channel of operations. For example get_following, get_ranked_posts, get_post, but it doesn't provide what a lot of developers need. Most importantly it can be very slow, unreliable, and extremely hard to run by developers (huge server costs, complicated documentation, etc). Plus, it doesn't even serve the crucial task of indexing JSON metadata from posts. This is why projects like 3speak.tv and others have secondary databases sitting in-between Hive and the frontend. The indexing side of the project will make the life of developers (both external and internal) using Hive a lot easier.


  • Token system will exist on PPY using wrapped Hive to help supplement the lack of token support on Hive. This is until Hive has the right tools we need.
  • Consensus operations will be conducted using Hive. (Keep in mind I am using the term consensus very loosely here). This means validating, storing and buying storage from the network.
  • The majority of SPK network tech will be built on Hive to begin with. In the future remaining portions will be fully migrated.


  • Bridge web2 accounts --> SPK Network and/or Hive
  • Bridge accounts of other chains --> SPK Network and/or Hive
  • Significantly improves indexing of social media content on Hive.
  • Significantly improves the barrier to entry for using Hive

Any further comments/clarifications are appreciated. I can elaborate more on the Tech side of the project with the exception of a couple of topics related to the Token.

-- @vaultec on the behalf of The SPK network.

Thank you, that explained a lot and was plenty to receive my vote. I think the scope of the project is much needed and takes decentralization to a level Hive isn't ready for yet.

Good luck

One more question,

I get the sense this is only for video's. Does it not make sense to use this system to decentralize the storage of all the media on Hive?

This will be for videos, images and text. We want to provide a solution for a standard for off chain data for Hive.


How exactly will the claimdrop work, and where will hodlers be able to buy the tokens from those foolish enough to dump them?

All done with Hive credentials?

Q1 of 2022? I thought you were talking about this year's 3rd quarter 😓 at last I remember @taskmaster4450 saying that.

I want to help (as a noob) in hosting infrastructure - will try providing two separate pcs with decent disc space in two different locations. I didn't want to get into chia because of spk, but now they are unused.

We think the token system and claim drops will be available before the end of this year. However, to get the system to the point at which it is ready to migrate to Hive layer 1, we think it will be Q1 or Q2 next year

Wow! I think you all have your hands full for a while. Just listing everything you're doing, let alone implementing it all, is a feat in and of itself. Super excited for this to arrive. Will the HAF being worked on right now provide any of the tools you say are currently lacking on HIVE? Just curious.

Sounds like an amazing project. Can't wait to see it come to fruition.

This is what I was going to comment as well. I think HAF can greatly help various parts of the SPK system. Suggest listening to this for more details: https://peakd.com/hive-119826/@jongolson/iwyzqgtp

Yes, We are not 100% clear yet on what HAF will enable in terms of tools for SPK network web3 capabilites. So of course, if there is any way that we can leverage HAF in what we are doing we will of course do that

The distributed database and the ability for dapps to share their dapp data with one another are two functions that come to mind right away. Probably also can help with the indexing (as I understand, you can use HAF to build a database for yourself, it helps you with getting the blockchain data you need AND you can add any other data you need, like from other dapps or blockchains, and obviously you can index all of this however you want). I'm sure there's more. The devs can give a listen to @blocktrades going over some of what HAF will provide, the interview is at the link I posted above.

yes, for sure, im also sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg :)

That sounds too good to be true. Don't fuck this up please.

My wife has been watching that RuPaul show. I hear “and dont fuck it up” at least twice a day from the tv haha. We are prepared

I'm all in and devoting my own dev time with @podping and @v4vapp because I believe in this work 100%.

Thanks Brian!

Supporting this fully and I hope more people read this and consider as well.

Thanks @acidyo! We will do our best!

  1. Requesting you to add items related to mobile development if you think it is worth mentioning
  2. Count me in for 3Speak additional Developers 🤘👨‍💻
  3. Desktop App: The mobile apps on which I am working are portable to desktop app.
    So, may be, in future, I can contribute for Desktop app too

@starkrez FYI :)

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Great to finally see this proposal out. The work on this project in monumental in all regards.

Thanks Guilty!

Sounds absolutely enormous. Looking forward to see how SPK proceeds!

We are too!

Looks amazing wish you success ahead

Thank you!

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I voted the proposal

Appreciate the support @Hiro-hive

Good stuff.

I like advertisement programs. Very good.

I like the Nft thing ( not sure about the NFT hosting because IMO, special on expensive nft/marketplace ones, it should be also stored onchain. For example hive as txt).

What i would like to see on endgame is the use like drag an drop to Ipfs on hive front ends without knowing it will be there. Would increase the user experience massive.

Not sure about defi, because a sidechain that can do everything is really rare :D

This is exactly where we want to take it too

Love it!

A good source of liquidity and way to engage more Hive members could be a potential LP of SPK/CUB in CUB Finance.

The 3peak SIP will likely enable this. hopefully we can work with CUB to come up with the best solution for all

This is going to be a game changer for sure!

When I take a look a Peerplays I think:


This needs more explaining and I have a lot of questions.

Find my post on the topic here:


I just watched it. I appreciate the explanation. I have commented a couple more questions in my reply to the post.

There are a lot of work to do as highlighted here, it’s worth supporting, additionally it's backed by the chain OGs. I'm glad 3Speak is at this level.

I am very excited about this proposal, it is a great step towards making SPK Network a reality. I support them with everything I can.

@newsflash just curious why you chose to downvote 100% worth 74 hive.
Sometimes when they ask people they say "oops that was an accident" so I Honestly just wondering if you have some beef here with spknetwork