South-African government condemns Israel... OH THE IRONY!

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By now it is no secret that tensions in and along the borders of Israel are escalating. This week saw massive protests, most of them violent, along the border of the Gaza Strip and Israel where 53 Palestinians were killed and many more injured. The South-African government, taking lead from our foreign affairs minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, has condemned the Israeli military for defending their borders.

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Why is South-Africa speaking up?

As a country with a troubled past in the form of 'Apartheid,' some in government see it as the duty of South-Africans to condemn other so-called 'Apartheid' states but it seems to me that our government is so far separated from reality that is almost funny.

On Tuesday the South-African ambassador has been recalled out of Israel as a protest move from South-Africa. This serves only to alienate our two nations as this withdraws our voice from the conflict. Does South-Africa then have a right to speak when they clearly have no interest in discussion?

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Look to your own lands first

Many South-Africans are shaking their heads in utter disbelief at the audacity of this government to condemn others for fighting for their homes when the burning issue of 'Land Redistribution without Compensation' is yet to be decided upon and amended by our constitution. The redistribution of land is PRECISELY what they are supposedly condemning Israel for...

Many South-Africans are way beyond hope when it comes to our own borders as we have perhaps one of the most corrupt governments in the world. Not to mention our crime rates. The audacity of our government to speak out about issues that they cannot even rectify...

What of Israel?

In my very controversial and non-religious opinion, Israel has every right to defend its borders. I see a disturbing lack of facts from media where the protests are concerned as nowhere have I read about the attempted bombing of the border gate, the rocket launches against the Golam Heights and the violence shown to border security. Do not dare tell me that fire-bombings and throwing stones are peaceful.

In the middle-east, the most diverse country is Israel by a mile. Show me another country in the region with the same religious and cultural freedom. Did you know that there is not a single living Jew in Hamas territory? Who is the real apartheid state?

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A peaceful prostester

My view is not mainstream and may be seen as controversial. Feel free to discuss your thought with me and feel free to try change my mind...