Israel's Largest Single Ethnic Cleansing Act Since 1967 - Masafer Yatta

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Written by Robert Inlakesh

Last month Israel's Supreme Court ruled that Masafer Yatta, a collection of Palestinian villages in the southern hills of Al-Khalil, would be completely ethnically cleansed. The demolitions have already begun, despite some protest from US lawmakers, constituting the single largest ethnic cleansing event since 1967...


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Hi @tlavagabond,
thank you so much for sharing this information.
The world needs to know what is happening, and stop turning a blind eye.
I appreciate your work, and the fact that you keep speaking truth when the truth
is being fought & attacked, now more than ever.
I've shared this post on Listnerds, and hopefully it will get more people here to see it.

Thank you!