Why the self absorbed project

in #issues14 days ago

I guess when all that is in your life is focused on self then it's easy to see everything only from your own perspective and through the lens of your own making.

The Selfie Generation seems to be good at projecting their own issues onto everyone around them. When a persons perspective are so stunted it would be hard for them to realise that there may be other points of view. Similarly just because they see things a certain way they find it difficult to see that it does not mean everybody else sees everything that way.

I'm alway a little taken aback when meeting individuals so convinced of their version of things that they seem incapable of even considering anything outside of how they have decided things are. They tend to be emotionally fragile individuals that take offence at the first opportunity and often perceive any opinion that differs from their as an almost mortal threat.

These in my experience are the best "projectors". It's very easy to see based on what they try to project onto you and others that those are the pertinent issues in their lives.


My Son , Wayne, just brought home another Classic Guitar Amplifier , that the Modern generation ( most of) would not be able to Carry!