0000's - Millennium in Review

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Jesus died for your sins. Ask Him to be your Lord & Savior. Christ can give you a new heart. He rose again. The rise of the church.

First Millennium A.D.

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The Roman Empire was expanding, globally, into northern Africa, Europe, etc, during the first century.


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First Millennium A.D.

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Third Millennium A.D. (We Are Here)

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The Han Dynasty was expanding in the second century. Mayans were thriving in the third. Roman emperor Constantine the Great married Rome to Christianity in the fourth.


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Declining Roman Empire

Buddha was alive around this time. Rome was falling in the fifth and was trying to recapture Italy in the sixth. The rise of Islam in the seventh. The Byzantine Empire was expanding in the 8th. The invention of algebra. Beowolf. Mayan decline. The Vikings continued raiding and expanding in the 9th. Lions became extinct in Europe in the 10th.

0000's - Millennium in Review

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