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People trap Trump with Corona Virus Deception. It's a trap to bring down Trump. Super Bowl. Oscars. Nascar. Trump visited India. State of the union speech. NBA All Stars sucked. Corona Virus spreads around the world. Garden prep. Farmer Joe plowing fields. Working on computers. Our garden prep. No snow this month. I've been writing about the Corona Virus in February of 2020. I wrote articles talking about Kobe may have been murdered. Been watching Outlander. Watched season nine of Suits, the grand finale of the series. Picard. Walking Dead. Clone Wars. My 35th birthday.

Super Bowl

I wrote about when I saw Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie which came out in 2002 on Saturday, the first of February of 2020. Super Bowl Sunday. Can we Cure HIV? Free Square Bullies Monday. State of The Union 2020 Tuesday. Sore Tore Loser Pelosi Wednesday. Choose a fast computer. Make sure you get a good one. Web Browser Alternatives Thursday. Studying viruses. Studying Internet Traffic, the map of the world wide web. January of 2018 Friday. How Viruses Enter Cells Saturday.


Timeline Circle Question. Gardening. Pastors of Pastors. FGHS Review. Oscars Sunday, the 9th. Batman Over Iron Man Monday. My 35th Birthday Tuesday. Mundane Victoryology lol Wednesday. Grape Garden Prep Thursday. Happy Valentines Friday. Porn Hub Destroy Women Saturday.

My Coin Tree

Trump Nascar

I didn't watch the NBA All-Stars game. We put together our new rotary tiller machine on Sunday, the 16th. Bloomberg as Mary Poppins. Happy Presidents Day. Manure Unloading For Seven Hours Monday. Tried to start a fire but failed. Too cold. Attacking The Gun Girl Tuesday. Topology Coffee Donut Fire Wednesday. Voted Trump Thursday. Plow Mow Cow Friday. Capitalism Socialism Bed Sex Saturday.

Walking Dead Returns

Flush Out Your Lungs Daily Sunday. Kobe Memorial Monday. Pathetically Funny Donald Trump Poodle Till Tuesday. Till the next day too. Trump Addresses Corona Virus Wednesday. Twitter Trump Virus Thursday. Supply Chain Cracking Friday. 1981 Book Predicted 2020 Virus Saturday.

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February of 2020

Oatmeal Monthly - 2020-02 - February of 2020

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Kim Possible

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Owen Shroyer Banned From CPAC 2020

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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VeggieTales Jonah Eric Cinderella

2020-02-01 - Saturday

You cannot say Eric Cinderella. Don't Google Eric Whistle Blower. Because then your eyes will not be able to unsee CIA + RA, my guinea pig, + marsh MELLA. Facebook censors people who talk about Eric Ciaramella. Wash out your eyes. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook might have said recently that they would probably not like ban Holocaust deniers. Meanwhile, I was banned on Twitter in January 2020 for liking Star Wars. I mean real Star Wars. I mean, not Disney lol. Today, I wrote about that time I saw Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie which came out in 2002. I was also trying to get into my old Skype accounts and old email accounts and instant messaging accounts on Google's Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. Some of them required recovery email accounts which ended up requiring the other email accounts in an endless loop. Some required recovery phone numbers which I no longer have. I sent some requests for help. I've done that before like months or even years ago. I think they never get back to me. Well, that's customer service for you. Some of my AOL email accounts were said to be deactivated due to not logging in for a long time (vague inactivity). But how long is too long? They don't tell you. Had they told me, I would have made sure not to let them die like that. Today, I was also online debating open borders vs having a brain lol. I accidentally dropped a baking pan. It broke right outside near the front door.

Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie at the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, OR
My Coin Tree

Super Bowl. Can we Cure HIV?

2020-02-02 - Sunday

Can we Cure HIV? Can we Try Apple Cider Vinegar? Can we cure laziness? Let me call my doctor, PhD Procrastination and I will get back to you on that lol. Speaking of sitting on the couch all day, today is like a holiday. Happy Super Bowl Day. I was named after Joe Scott Montana of the San Francisco 49ers who played today. But I don't know who won. Who was the other team, was it Miami, Florida? Well, I do know there was a commercial of a black woman who was reunited after many years with her family. She said in an emotional stir, thank you, Donald John Trump, the 45th U.S. President. Very emotional ad that played during the Super Bowl today. Ten years ago, in 2010, during Super Bowl Sunday, I think I rode my bike to the house of the Smith family in Vancouver, WA, from my 414 apartment in Portland, PDX, Oregon. Blake Webb was there. It was possibly icy and maybe snowy on that day. I wrote today in the live chat that my mom likes Picard. Doom Cock responded in his video asking if I meant the show or the character. Yeah, either one lol. The show is symbolic of how leftists think. It shows you some themes, some cultural references. Characters can correlate with certain races, religions, politics. So, it is revealing as it personifies what is happening. Suits. Alex Jones. Doom Cock. Lionel Nation. Brittany Sellner. Dust of a Rabbi book. Killing Uncle Sam book.

Can we Cure HIV? Can we Try Apple Cider Vinegar?

Free Square Bullies

2020-02-03 - Monday

Sometimes, bullies were bullied. Sometimes, bullies don't know they're bullying. Sometimes, the bullied don't know they're being bullied like me at times like when I was maybe four years old or younger, my siblings might have called me an alien a few times. Not to say that was intended to actually insult. They were saying that it was tough to understand me which was true. I kind of remember that. Also, other times, people called me four-eyed or four eyes. You can go to people and ask them if they were bullied, if they are ok. Sometimes, they may say things are fine and things may not be fine. They may be hurting. They might be unaware. Pray about it. Be there for people. Wait for the opportunities. Go with your gut. Be friends with bullies. Confront bullies. Expose the bullies. Talk about the bullies. Starve the bullies. Record the bullies. My REP is now at 59. Israel Debate. WOLBI people, remember.

Free Square Died?
Weekly Photos - 404pics | Mirror
Suits 901-902

State of The Union 2020

2020-02-04 - Tuesday

I would go back in time and live life differently. I would do things differently the second time around. But that would cheapen the meaning to life, the process. We are not robots. We are humans. We have character archs. Going back and doing things all over but from a different perspective would be the same as ending a movie one minute in. It ruins the development of the individual. I'm not going to justify bad actions, perhaps. That is not what I'm saying. I'm saying that the process is what life is all about. State of the Union (SOTU) 2020 by President Trump. Can it snow cats and dogs? Would you rather vote for [A.] somebody you agree with or [B.] somebody who could beat Trump? Somebody on Twitter said she would vote for the devil if that meant getting rid of Orange Man Bad. Nancy Pelosi legit just tore up the #SOTU speech! The ability to remember life can aid in the ability to better live it. Some snow in the morning. Put table from storage and into the closet near the washer. He installed a shelf. WOLBI reviewing. Suits. Infowars. Lionel. Molyneux. Fandom Menace. Mark Dice.

Sore Tore Loser Pelosi

2020-02-05 - Wednesday

Are you a sore loser or a tore loser? The only thing we have to fear is regret and not failure. Teachers should leverage analogies, like an assist, that their students do know already, in order to better help them dunk the ball into the basket, the hoop of things they do not know yet. You know yourself pretty well. Use that to your advantage. Treasure your perspective. Utilize it. Save it. Share it. Cam it. My brother's birthday.

Web Browser Alternatives

2020-02-06 - Thursday

You can build a computer. It is not very hard to do. I mean, you can assemble the parts. At the very least, you can take the time to understand what kind of computer you would want to buy. Now, of course, all of this can be rather complex. So, you can feel overwhelmed. Getting to the bottom of what you need to know begins with understanding what you already know as a leverage towards investigating farther. While watching Picard 103, I cried me a river. Nah, I'm not Justin Timberlake. I'm Joshing. But Picard is really Retard. They turn Picard into a jerk. He is no longer the same character. Orange Man Bad. White Men Bad. Hollywood is trying to destroy western civilization as their way of eliminating their competition. Web browser alternatives list.

January of 2018

2020-02-07 - Friday

How do viruses get inside cells? I don't know. Do virophages infect viruses? Maybe. When they ban me, they generally don't tell me why. With Facebook, I contested my timeout due to that kissing picture and they never got back to me on that. By the way, there is nudity on Facebook. You can find it. You can find murder, hate speech, violence, illegal activity, etc on social networks. Sometimes, they remove some of it. But sometimes, they don't. You can find almost anything on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. So, in other words, it has nothing to do with that. Because if it did, then they would be removing all kinds of things. But they don't do that. That is all hypocrisy. If you get viruses, stop using Windows. I don't use Windows. Why would you use a Bill Gates operating system in the first place? Why support Bill who is behind this Novel Corona Virus?

Tier 1 level Internet kill switches might be effectively able to censor, to block, etc, content, websites, videos, photos, etc, on the world wide web, but only to to the extent that tier 2 ISPs, tier 3 ISPs, and P2P mesh networks, etc, are not able to reroute Internet traffic around the more centralized tier 1 level nodes, routers, servers, mainframes, devices, etc. I guess it would be even tougher if tier 1 and tier 2 and tier 3 ISPs all decided to block something at the same time because that would be even tougher to get around to the extent that P2P mesh networks are slower and/or possibly not global enough to help reroute Internet traffic to get around kill switches, blocks, etc. I watched Suits 910, the series finale, that is episode ten of season nine. I started watching this television show back around the summer of 2013 in Tan Phu, Vietnam, generally at my then favorite coffee shop. So, this show brings back memories of that. It all started then. So, seeing the end of this series brings a tear to my eye. | January of 2018 | What is the Internet? Does it have a kill switch? Are there ways around these switches?

How do viruses enter the cell?

2020-02-08 - Saturday

If the virus continues at this rate in China, before the summer of 2020, thousands of people will be dying daily. If you don't build up your immune system right now, as soon as possible, as often as you can, you will die much sooner than you could even imagine.

How do viruses enter the cell? Can pH level elevation reduce the spread of viruses?
Outlander 101

Timeline Circle

2020-02-09 - Sunday

I wonder if time is a timeline circle where God the Father is on one side, Jesus is on the other, and the Holy Spirit is in the middle as omnipresent and infinite lines connecting the Father Timeline to the parallel of the Jesus Timeline in which the two timelines do in fact merges like a circle or eight or infinity symbol. Thousands of videos are coming out of China. Have you seen them? I spent most of the day surfing Facebook, looking at people I remember from high school, church, etc. One of the trends that I noticed was that of family. People grow up and they start families. Sometimes, people move and start again, all for the better in many cases. I'm surprised when I see two people I know know each other. Outlander. I watched Steven Crowder watch the Oscars. Red Letter Media. Alex Jones. Led Sunday School. Gardening prep. Peas. Potatoes. Woody.

Batman Over Iron Man

2020-02-10 - Monday

Who is your favorite super hero and why? I prefer Batman among all the normal guys absent of super human power. From among those with supernatural powers, I tend to favor Superman even over Dr. Strange and Wonder Woman. The ultimate guy who would beat all of them is Jesus who even defeated death itself. I like Star Trek. I enjoyed watching Suits. I watched through The Expanse in January of 2020. In February, I'm watching through The Outlanders which deals with time travel.

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My 35th Birthday

2020-02-11 - Tuesday

For My 35th Birthday today, I want you to get me, I mean you, a brain phone. Just kidding. There is value in natural remedies. If the virus can adapt, can our body adapt too? We are so much bigger than a virus. Now, we can adapt or mutate a little but slowly. Our immune system needs enough energy, power, sleep, oxygen, distilled water, vitamins, minerals, etc, etc, and especially time. One of the problems is that of inflammation that can kill people in some cases. With the Corona Virus, it is important that people focus first on prevention over correction. That means avoiding getting it. Also, people that get it should stay home and try their best not to spread it. Some people may survive it. But many people are dying. So, take extra vitamins C, D, E, etc. Go look up natural remedies on Google. Ask me for help. Ask other people on what you can do to help yourself and to help others. It is now or never. Buy some canned foods before there is no more food at the store. You need a year worth of food. You need to always be ready for the worse. Do your best to protect your family and those you care about. But don't worry too much. Just focus on what you can do. Focus on one day at a time and one step at a time. If you're trying your best, then smile. Because you're doing all that you can do. That is all you can do. There is nothing wrong with that.

Mundane Victoryology lol

2020-02-12 - Wednesday

Victoryology is the study and science of total human empowerment and expansion. When you date, you may run into children trapped inside the body of adults. Ironically, they'll be calling you what they see in themselves. It is vital that you do your best to filter through them in order to seek after the gold, the top of the list. Life is short and emotions can distract. I'm not saying you should stop feeling. But it is critical to focus on priorities. Align your gut to what you believe. Discipline yourself towards your goals. Spend your time around people you want to become like. They rub off on you. Life is a gift. Build friendships with people. Slowly, relationships can lead towards marriage. That is key in life. You can experiment on some things. But you don't have to and don't want to actually experiment on other things. Learn from mistakes. Treasure the moments. Write it down. Learn to laugh at yourself. See the beauty in the mundane lol.

Grape Garden Prep

2020-02-13 - Thursday

I want to wish you a Happy Valentines Day. Imagine if Valentines landed on Friday the thirteen. What would you do? Great question. Better question, why do people die? Oh, because people die. No. That's not an answer. Our bodies are made up of tiny cells. Oh, what is a cell? A cell is like a city and our body is like a country. Better yet, a cell is like our planet. See, our sun brings in the power, the heat, to our planet. Many things on our planet come and go. Trees are grown and then they die. But then come back up again. Likewise, every seven years, all our cells are replaced. What does that mean? It means a seven year old is 7 years old. It means a 14 year old is seven years young. Hell, it even means that a 95 year old is still just seven years old. That brings me back to my original question, why do people die? Well, the answer can be complex. But long story short, we can do things to slow down the aging process. Well, technically, people should be able to live for at least 500 years. But you would have to do many things to make that work. Right now, we have this corona virus going around. So, please raise up your immune system before you die. You can survive this virus thing. Also, stock up on food as people will be buying up all the food at a store near you during the panic. At a super market near your house, apartment, or whatever. The clock is ticking. And then there will be no more food left for many months or longer. You will regret not having a food pantry. Buy canned foods. Buy bags of oats, rice, etc. Try to have a year worth of food. Buy a water distiller and a water filter. Learn how to filter rain water. Build a well. Build a green house. Buy plants. Better yet, buy seed. Collect seeds.

The Bill Cunningham's Prayer
Camel Ass Joke

Happy Valentines Day

2020-02-14 - Friday

Happy Valentines Day 2020. Finished season one of Outlander. How can a review not be a spoiler? That bothers me lol. But I know people watch and read allegedly non-spoiler movie review videos, articles, etc. It drives me nuts. If you say anything about a show or movie, it can spoil it for me. At the same time, I don't really care about spoilers. So, if I'm going to watch something about something, then I would go for the spoilers and yet still watch it later on. In other words, spoilers don't ruin it for me for things I love. Since I was a kid in the 1990's, I would read the surnames in the movie credits at the cinema. I would not always leave right away at the end of the film. I was studying the names. I was pondering if there were people I knew or people related to me who may have been in the credits or may have known a guy who knew a guy who knew other guys who might have known people I knew kind of thing. I am still that kind of person in 2020.

Porn Hub Destroy Women

2020-02-15 - Saturday

Porn Hub is destroying families and especially girls. Where are the feminists when you need them? Are these websites sponsoring rape and especially children sex trafficking I wonder. Make women women again. That is a goal. For more information about that, go check out Lionel Nation. Too many ladies begin to forget their value as sisters, wives, daughters, etc. Women are the heart of civilization. But many of them don't realize their worth. So, please reach out to a female near you and encourage them. Teach people how to date. Younger people are asking people how they met people as dinosaurs before the age of the world wide web. Well, I would encourage younger people to practice talking to people offline more, at least once a month for five minutes, if not longer. Take it a step at a time. Baby steps.

Psychology vs Archeology

So, I have had different classes during college concerning psychology, sociology, anthropology. I know that psychology should be dealt with more like archeology as to say one step at a time with a comb.

Trump Nascar

2020-02-16 - Sunday

Trump Nascar Airplane Event. If you want to be noticed, just take the time to notice people. Why not? Be there for people. Be reliable. Be there for people. Be that rock. Be the Rock lol. Be the gold. Be Bitcoin. Oh, speaking of, Max Keiser was on Alex Jones and said Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a scam. Now, I don't know if there is any truth to that or not. We assembled our new Rotary tiller machine. Some light rain. I felt tired today. I did some organizing. Outlander. Beaty & the Beta. Lionel Nation. Lisa Haven.

Saved in America
Restricted Republic
Max Keiser

Manure Unloading For Seven Hours

2020-02-17 - Monday

The Wuhan virus has to be man-made and new because anything that contagious would have spread long ago. Mary Bloompins. I spent seven hours unloading manure. You're welcome. So, you don't think we are anywhere close to having Terminator robots, Star Trek Data, Wall-E androids, the Robin Williams Bicentennial Man, Short Circuit Johnny Five with the wheels, the danger danger bot from Lost in Space, C3PO from Star Wars, R2D2, Alita, the Cylon from Battlestar Galactica, etc? Yeah, that does make sense, that they put a human inside an avatar, I mean RoboCop. They did a similar thing to General Grevious and Darth Vader in Star Wars.

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Steemit Intro

01:27 AM - Steemit

Vietnam English Teacher. Filmmaker. Artist. Doctor. Historian. Musician. Basketball. Ubuntu. Bitcoin. Star Wars. Religion. Education. Games. Natural Remedies. From Oregon. Lived in Vietnam. Now near Seattle.

New Steemit Intro

The adventures of a nerd inside the body of an athlete.

Attacking The Gun Girl

2020-02-18 - Tuesday

I was watching a 2009 Andrew Breitbart interview. He said something about the slavery of renting an apartment. It is sad when people get trapped in welfare systems. Some of these poor people will knock on the doors of the landlords in the middle of the night, screaming for them to change their light bulb. They feel entitled and are yet dependent excessively. That is tragic. The good news is that we can always encourage people towards better choices in order to elevate freedoms.

Bad Cops

On Alex Jones, he played videos where Kaitlin Bennett went out to interview people during Presidents Day 2020. Hundreds people came to her. They started throwing stuff at her. The police are seen in the videos doing nothing. Some were smiling. The police later said it was all allegation. But the videos prove that the cops are lying. We should raise awareness to these bad cops. Find out who these police are. Tell people. Ask people about these things. We have already been violated, our rights, etc, meaning the non-aggression principle is then therefore irrelevant, as in not applicable based on what is happening. Our ancestors wouldn't put up with what we tolerate.

February of 2018

Topology Coffee Donut Fire

2020-02-19 - Wednesday

I love topology. A coffee cup is a donut lol. I love homeomorphisms. If the main kernal or heart of the AT&T operating system(s) of the 1970's was in fact the root which Microsoft, Apple, Linux, and others, etc, may have stole from, stem from, evolved from, in this tree, completely or to an extent at least, and if AT&T as a phone company cartel and/or monopoly, previously or currently, is in fact a utility according to governmental regulations, funding, and/or whatever, then does that mean or would that mean that many operating systems (OS) on servers, desktops towers, laptop computers, devices, phones, smart devices, units, etc, are therefore part of that utility to any extent to grant some kind of liability protection or something relating to how they could be platforms and not publishers and that they should then not be allowed to censor, spy, sell our metadata, to manipulate, hide, influence, suppress, etc, etc, on the Internet, via the CIA, China, MI6, etc,etc, etc, I do in fact wonder.

March of 2018

Voted Trump

2020-02-20 - Thursday

I voted Trump today. Mini Mike Bloomberg is being pretty honest and may beat Bernie Sanders to face off with Trump in the U.S. 2020 General Elections later on this year. Judge Amy Jackson said she may throw Roger Stone in jail for up to eleven years. Alright, maybe 20 months. But that is too many months for an innocent man. Next time, that could be you in the courtroom being sentenced unfairly, unjustly, even if you were innocent just like Roger is innocent. Seth Rich was not Russian. Also, Russia didn't hack the DNC. I'm reviewing April of 2018. Was watching Picard and Outlander. I was not feeling good today. Might have had some weird dreams around 8 PM today. But I can't remember what it was about. It might have been vivid and that happens sometimes and the things that happens in dreams can be so complex and hard to understand. Some of my dreams can be like metaphysical in that I'm thinking in my dreams unlike when I was a child where dreams were simpler. Now, as I get older, dreams become like ten different things all at once like a knot of ideas that are intermixed. Such is real life. That is why it is a joy to make things simple as things are already muddy oatmeal haha.

Presidential Primary 2020 Voting
Free Write - Keeping It Straight

Plow Mow Cow

2020-02-21 - Friday

Plow, mow, cow. My Steem Community. Facebook said they're going to terminate my account. Our lives are like dreams when compared to life beyond the grave. We can sometimes think about our dreams. It can he hard to remember. While sleeping, we feel like we don't want to wake up. Likewise, in life, we feel like we don't want to die, AKA wake up or sleep. It is important to have perspective in life and in after-life as well. I spent 5 hours today plowing, yard work, etc. I created some Steem or Steemit communities, like Facebook groups. Star Wars The Clone Wars 701, The Bad Bash. Outlander 210.

April of 2018
Oatmeal Joey Arnold Community Group
Vietnam Group
The Questions Group

Capitalism Socialism Bed Sex

2020-02-22 - Saturday

Is capitalism in bed with socialism? Are they banning plastic bags, unless if you pay ten cents for it? Do they ban plastic straws and not other more bigger plastic items? Is China and other countries dumping their trash in the ocean? Do we have free markets or cronyism mixed with other things? U.S. government were murdering Americans in 1914. During the first world war, people would give the fed fake addresses. And when they came to draft them, they would run off into the woods and shoot off their hands in order to attempt not to be dragged off to fight in the war. How do we make government smaller? If Hotep Jesus was President, he would halt the introduction of new bills. Stop making new laws. I agree. My Steemit Rank is 5715.

May of 2018
Female Journalist Thinks Women Should Propose Marriage
Brittany Pettibone Sellner
History Community
The 1980's
The 1990's
Download YouTube Videos
Bonding Beyond Special Needs - Nick has primordial dwarfism while his best friend, Callie, is diagnosed with Williams syndrome

Flush Out Your Lungs Daily

2020-02-23 - Sunday

Which is the only group in the world lacking a special name for its haters? If you hate blacks, you're racist, right? If you hate the Jews, what do they call you? If you hate women, you're sexist, right? If you hate Mexicans, what do they call you? If you hate Muslims, what do they call you? We can go on all day with these questions. If you hate this or if you hate that, they have words for those things, for each of the groups of people you may hate. But which is the only group lacking a name? I'll give you a second to guess. Alrighty then, time is up. If you hate Christians, what do they call you? Nothing. Oh wait, I mean, smart. They say that you must have a PhD. They don't give you an insult label. Instead, they praise you if you hate white people, men, Americans, Christians, and western civilization. Dennis Prager was talking about this as he talked about his Exodus book. There are differences between values and instinct. Sex in itself is instinct and not a value. But sex within marriage is a value. Bad therapists tell adult children not to talk to their parents. That is destroying society in America.

Trump vs Corona - 2020 General Election Debates
Flush Out Your Lungs Daily
June of 2018
The 1900's Century
The 2010's
The 2020's
I hope we can find a way to work with Tron and come up with a mutually acceptable plan that allows Tron to keep and use their stake in a way that is acceptable to the community and.....

Kobe Memorial

2020-02-24 - Monday

Kobe Memorial. Before May of 2020, millions of people will be struggling to find food. That will be you if you're not buying food and preparing right now. Praying can calm your spirit down. It can help you relax, to meditate, to get in the right form of mindset. It is about perspective, insight, reflection, and attitude, as you pray. It can be therapy unto oneself. You don't have to believe in a god to talk to yourself in the form of a prayer. You can pray to God. You can pray to the man on the moon, I don't care. God may or may not be real. But praying works. Praying helps people. Period. Trump spoke in India to thousands of Indians. One guy said he wonders how many fathers in the future will be inspired by father Kobe to really be fathers.

Weekly Photos | Mirror - 390pics, ovids
Double Government

Pathetically Funny Donald Trump

2020-02-25 - Tuesday

Till Day. Poodle place. Food prices are doubling before the Summer of 2020. Japanese Hinoki Cypress Trees can save your life. Over 75% of all humans will get it or got it already. But let's pretend that only 50% will get it. If only 1% of those people end up dying, then how many is that, globally? 35 million people or more. Buy food while you still can. Stores in Italy are running out of food. Do you know why? Spoiler alert, new Fire Zombies in The Walking Dead simply breathe and the viruses spread from them through the air from person to person. Please call Rick Grimes. Have a gun. Collect food now before it is too late. This is your last warning. You were warned. I warned you. But you didn't listen.

Pathetically Funny Donald Trump
Japanese Hinoki Cypress Trees can save your life.

Trump Addresses Corona Virus

2020-02-26 - Wednesday

What is trending on Twitter right now? Corona Virus Outbreak is trending on Twitter. Obama sold the virus to China five years ago, back in like 2015 or around that time. Spoiler Alert, here is my crazy conspiracy theory. Rick Grimes returns to The Walking Dead and says that the zombie virus is simply the Corona Virus and the cure is Orange. Yeah, ORANGE you glad I didn't say banana? No, not Orange Guy Donald Trump but the fruit, the orange. Why? Cuz Vitamin C.

Trump Virus

2020-02-27 - Thursday

Trump Virus is trending on Twitter. Frankenstein Virus. Feel free to post anything 90's related to this Anything 1990's Community Group. Trump Black Leaders Summit was powerful. Red Letter Media had a brilliant review video today on Star Trek Picard. I drank delicious tea. People need to educate people more. Why? Because Trump doesn't know everything. Also, there may be things you know that people around you might not. They're using this Novel Corona Virus 2019 thing to bring down Trump. This virus problem is a big problem in 2020. Globalists created this problem so that the world would cry out for globalism.

Big Trap

This is a trap said the fish in Star Wars, "IT'S A TRAP." It is a big pandemic. But we can do many things to fight viruses. Google Natural Remedies. Educate people. Take action. Show people the way. This is the way. Now or never. History is counting on us.


Anything this and that communities on Steemit, on Steem. The Anything This And Anything That might be one of my newest slogans. For example, all of my communities contain "ANYTHING" in the title. It has to be. Anything Vietnam. Anything Oatmeal. You get the picture. I was working on those things today. I was reviewing 2018.

Trump Virus
UN vs USA - If You Deny Their Stuff
Blacks Pray For Trump

Supply Chain Cracking

2020-02-28 - Friday

Supply Chain Armageddon coming before May of 2020. Big increase of the cases in America coming next week. Why zero testing in the United States? Next week, they will be blaming Trump. It's a trap. You have no idea how many people have it. You will be surprised very soon. What is happening in Italy will happen in America before April of 2020. San Francisco will be hit very hard before the summer of 2020. Many more stores will be very empty before May of 2020. They will be trying to force you to take the brand new COVID vaccine. Combine hydrogen peroxide with iodine in a nebula spacer in order to fight off diseases. If you touch it, clean it. Anti-Viral Wipes. You can save millions of people from dying by isolating yourself. You can be a hero. You should vote Trump and protest Trump at the same time. Both.

1981 Book Predicted 2020 Virus

2020-02-29 - Saturday

1981 book names a virus called Wuhan 400 that attacks respiratory system of Human Beings in 2020. Naomi Brockwell - Corona outbreak in USA. Now what? | Eat more garlic to fight off viruses. Isolate yourself. Google natural remedies. Watch out for government as they try to control your life. I've been writing about the 2019 Novel Corona Virus COVID Pandemic in February of 2020 and have heard that something like this would be coming for years. Globalists have been trying to make something like this happen since like the 1970's or longer.

Control freaks uses disasters as a way to take from you in the name of alleged security. They want to keep you safe as slaves. So, it is your choice. You can be their slave or you can fight back and seek after freedom. The choice is up to you. It is our job to keep each other safe and that not of the government. We can do so much to help each other out without the help of Hitler Trump. Please tell Trump that we hate authoritarianism. Please protest Trump and tell Trump to end geoengineering and other big things. There are so many things Trump should be doing.

We must demand that Trump makes better choices. We should not be yes men and just cheer whenever Trump does some things. Yes, Trump helped. But Trump must do more. We must help Trump. Better yet, we must help each other out more and more. Info Wars reporter Owen Shroyer kicked out of CPAC!

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My 35th Birthday

Flush Out Your Lungs Daily

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