One Love JAHMin Poetry {Pictures From The 7-Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica}

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An island is an island, for people think it is a stand alone
When in reality, they are places that have so brightly shone
Through the cracks they appear to offer such a uniqueness
A oneness and stillness of old love's antiqueness (one love)

Jamacia 2010 081.jpg

Surrounded by water which makes up this life
A unique and utter gracing, intent to grow and to thrive
Full and complete the essence is one
Fulfilling the emptiness through harmony's love (one love)

Jamacia 2010 027.jpg

The people, the culture, the ways of Jah's spirit
Listen and embark on thy journey - never fear it
Reason be told; it's never to unfold
In a manner unlike which you envisioned before

Jamaica 2014 045.jpg

Dream and be dreamt becoming a reality
Rastafari movement of (one love) and spirituality
The mind, the body, the soul intertwined
An approach to share and inspirit the mind

Jamaica 2014 197.jpg

Come together let's find this feeling - irie
Fly away to never again; today's a very new day
The colors we live - yellow, red, green and black
I can say with certainly it's an island - I'll be back

(One Love)

Jah Bless,


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Sweet poem, sweet pictures :)
Respect Conrad

Respect always, Luca
Irie brotha

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Cool :)
Beautiful :)
And great photos :)

Thanks for stopping by :)
Appreciate the kind words. Have you reggaesteemed before!?


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No, I have never reggaesteemed before. What is that?

It’s the place where we share our Jamaica and Caribbean related content: food, art, music, pictures, anything Caribbean and get rewarded in #JAHM 😎

You should try — it’s ourhappyplace


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Interesting :) I am not familiar with Caribbean culture. But I am definitely curious about it :)

lovely pictures

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