Jamaica dominates the speed tests in world athletics

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In world athletics, a worldwide phenomenon is taking place with Jamaican athletes who have been dominating for over two decades, the world speed scene in both ladies and gentlemen.



From the great Marlene Ottey to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce among the ladies and from Asafa Powel to the great Usain Bolt among the men, there is something that is indisputable, the great talent that everyone displays not only on a running track, but also outside her.

Such is the great progress of the Jamaican sprinters who among men have the world record of the male 4x100 post, while in the women's branch they have won the American team not only in the 4x100 relay, but also in the 4x400 relay.



The irruption of the Caribbean athletes not only occurs in the short speed tests, but also has excellent representatives in other tests such as the 400 meters flat and the tests of 100 and 110 meters with fences and the 400 meters with fences.

Studies have been conducted to try to understand the enormous success of Jamaican athletes in the elite of world athletics and one of those studies concluded that in a gene it allows your heart to be larger which allows greater oxygenation of your muscles and also because they are descendants of Africans they have in their muscles more fast contraction fibers, so important in explosive lacks of speed.



Beyond the genetic reason also plays a very important role its sports culture that has the island. While in other countries the superstars are soccer, tennis or basketball players, in Jamaica the stars are their alterations, who shine every time they step on a running track.



In future posts I will share very good information about the great sprinters of Jamaica, who have left and still leave their own stamp every time they step on a running track.

  • Usain Bolt
  • Asafa Powell
  • Yohan Blacke
  • Marlene Ottey
  • Elaine Thompson
  • Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
  • Kerron Stewart
  • Veronica Campbell-Brown
  • Juliet Cuthbert

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