Merlene Ottey, the Bronze Lady.

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Marlene Ottey was one of the greatest figures of Jamaican athletics who displayed all her talent on the tracks from the late 70s until 2004, giving Jamaica a large number of medals between the Olympic Games and World Championships.

Marlene Ottey

Born in 1960 in Jamaica, she was the longest sprinter to win an Olympic medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, after the doping disqualification of Marion Jones.

He was an indisputable figure for more than 20 years reaching incredible marks in the 100 and 200 meter level competitions, as well as in the 4x100 relay.

It has been known as the "Bronze Lady" because although it had excellent results in international competitions, it never managed to win a gold medal in individual events in the great event of the sport such as the Olympic Games. Among his Olympic medals he won a majority of bronze medals.

Marlene Ottey

Owner of a powerful stride and a unique elegance, she left her mark in all the competitions in which she has participated, always being favorite, no matter what the place where she appeared to compete.

His career was plagued by exceptional brands such as 57 consecutive victories in the 100 meters and 34 in the 200 meters.

Finals 100 mts. Atlanta 1996

Although it achieved excellent marks in both tests, in the 200 meters it was where it obtained the most outstanding marks that place it in the 4th position of the historical ranking of the test with its fantastic 21s64 / 100. I even run the distance in spectacular 21s66 / 100 with a wind against 1 m / sec.


He participated in 7 consecutive Olympic Games, from Moscow 1980 to Athens 2004. In the first 6 he represented Jamaica, while in Athens 2004 he represented Slovenia after a strong controversy he had with the Jamaica Athletics Federation.
In those Olympic Games he managed to reach the semifinals being only 0.03 seconds from achieving the final.

Finals 100 mts. Atlanta 1996

She continued competing for Slovenia in the European championships, achieving excellent records for athletes of her age, which constitute world records for the respective categories.

Among the most remembered races in his extensive career we can mention the final of the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996 where he won the silver medal after registering the same time as who would be the winner of the Gail Devers test.

I hope you enjoyed this brief review of one of Jamaica's sports athletes, perhaps the greatest of all.

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Jamaicans sure can run

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thank for the support!!

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Great post :)
What sources did you use for the information?

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I did athletics for more than 20 years. Thanks to that I am a big fan of Olympic sport. She was a great figure who followed her since before the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, when she managed to win the bronze medal in the 200 meters flat.

I have seen many videos of her on YouTube and read her biographies on various websites, to find out a little about her life beyond sports.

Do you want me to give you a particular link?

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