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Ryokou ni ikitai tokoro wa doko desu ka?

Where would you like to travel?



Nanbei e ryokou shitai desu.

I would like to go to South America.

I won’t be going too far as I haven’t renewed my passport.

Summer is coming soon..


Mou sugu natsu ga kuru..

Haha love this one!

I might have to catch up a little and see where this Japanese theme started with you!


Nihon ni 5 nenkan hodo sunde imashita.

I lived in Japan for about 5 years or so.

What?!?! Am I oblivious or what? First I am hearing of it as I am used to pics of the rockies.

Spent a couple weeks in Osaka and Kyoto and have fond memories.

Teaching english and visiting Juso station? ;)

Wow, yeah I lived in Osaka actually. Wanna practise/learn any nihongo (Japanese)?

Is your Japanese really this good? Kanji kills me. I often tell people talk to me like you are talking to an elementary school student.

Not as good as @boxcarblue, but I’m around let’s say intermediate level (maybe, maybe not). I do get a bit of assistance from time to time from a helping hand though.

All those places look coo out that jetplane windo. How about Palm Springs? Nice winters.


Paamu supuringsu wa subarashii basho deshou!

Palm Springs would be a great place to go!

Tru dat.