Hive BlogとSteemitのドメインオーソリティを調べてみた【2020-04-24】 I checked Domain Authority of Hive Blog & Steemit

in #japaneselast year (edited)

Now 1 month after the launch of HIVE, I checked DA (Domain Authority) scores of Hive & Steemit again. Please see the following about DA (Domain Authority).
Hive BlogとSteemitのドメインオーソリティを調べてみた I checked Domain Authority of Hive Blog & Steemit



Hive Blog( ):DA 34 PA 37 (1ヶ月前 1 month ago:DA 20 PA 26)
PeakD( ):DA 32 PA 36 (1ヶ月前 1 month ago:DA 19 PA 27)

Steemit ):DA 90 PA 66 (1ヶ月前 1 month ago:DA 90 PA 66)
SteemPeak( ):DA 43 PA 43 (1ヶ月前 1 month ago:DA 43 PA 42)

Steemit's score is same as before, and Hive's score has become much higher than before. I wish Hive's score will increase more smoothly.

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