I worked today.





誰でも Welcome!








It's all Greek to me.


Laughter yes, that's like me. That Japan writing does look rul coo though.

ha ha Doleマン

Well I did a few hours on Duo lingo ( mostly Katakana character review) and will be watching Akira later.

You should see if you can download a Japanese keyboard on your device and fire off a few words in 日本語。

I'm pretty sure i can. I mean it would mean I can instatranslate words. Domyou think that would help with my current learning plan?

Probably stay away from the instatranslate. Using the Japanese keyboard however you would type in romaji and it auto-converts to the appropriate hiragana and kanji. Takes a bit of practise, but once you get the hang of it it works really nicely.

Ah ok so youmtype in the japanese word in romaji and not in english. Ok 分りました!

Just had a thought. When i did ‘ 分りました’ i spoke in japanese into google translate and just copied and pasted the hiragana. I might do that as it forces me to speak the japanese words and I can copy and paste the characters. What you reckon? Not a bad idea as I can incorporate it into my studies and practice my speach and recall

Any study is good study. Using every method and all or your senses will help 100%. Only thing is, the google translate will not always be correct, that could be pointed out here in the forum though. Or whatever.

Good point. I will keep it basic ( lol no choice at the moment) as


Interestiing, is kanji on your keyboard? Do you use a virtual keyboard?

I have both on my keyboard. Type in romaji and it converts to 日本語。Do you study Japanese?

Now thats cool.
I was for 2 years, then took a break, I want to start up again now that Japan is opening up again.

You can practise conversational Japanese (日本語)here on this forum if you want.

WOW! You're studying Japanese...... That's really great! 😊

Join in if you like!

It sounds interesting, but I think Japanese language is too complicated for me.

Just need to start at the very basics, and learn step by step.

Thanks so much for convincing me..... I'll try my best to learn it. I, in fact, have Japanese friends.... Will start talking with them little by little..., as per your advice! Many thanks, my friend. 😊

I’m putting out a daily chat forum, so jump in whenever you are ready.

Thanks so much once again for your nice invitation. Will try it when I'm ready.... ;)

今日はローイング マシンで 20 分過ごしました。




どういたしまして 😃

Neat to know but it’s all Chinese to me, 😊

私は日本語を知っているとは思いもしませんでした! 😊


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Thanks. I would love to learn Japanese. I am also trying to learn Ojibwe, Aramaic and Hebrew. I love ancient languages.