School mailboxes are useful

in #java8 months ago


The software for eating has expired. At the beginning, all java programmers used eclise, and there was a free version. Later, the idea gradually became popular, is it really better than eclipse? In fact, it doesn't feel much, and 4-5 programs are still oom (memory overflow). But now that it's popular, it's going with the flow.

Idea can be used by teachers and students for free, not only idea, but also the uml drawing software I use. Generally speaking, the verification is not strict, as long as there is a school email address. I accidentally remembered the school's student number and email address, so I just update it every year.

More people are looking for various cracking tools, and some are buying through Taobao and using other people's student information to register. I'm glad I didn't need that much trouble and saved some money.

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