That’s Weird. The Truth Ain’t Pretty For Some.

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These things are everywhere and there are no new cars on any of the lots because of a computer chip shortage. Drive to a new car lot and ask a salesman for a fact check on that.

Travel the country for fact check if you must and aren’t afraid to because of the pandemic hysteria. You’ll see the towers there that weren’t that long ago.

Did you get the vaccine? Truthers have been saying it’s death. Lots of us have had to watch friends and family get the shots while hearing this message.

Some of them have graphene in them? What are the potential effects of 5G frequency on graphene?

Did the Moderna vaccine really contain something called Luciferase or did they just make us think so in order to herd a certain customer that direction? Why would that be?

Who’s getting who sick and who’s gonna take the blame for all this illness? Are the tests still providing positive results on fruits and variable results on same-individual same-day tested investigative journalists? Guess we can’t ask the President of Tanzania, God have his soul, please.

Nobody trusts this guy...


So many people however do still trust this guy...


Both will tell you to get your vaccine. You know the ones developed from the pandemic attack on us that they appeared to preside over?

Speaking of which, as we approach atrocities arrayed against America and the world on the brink of the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001 did anybody ever find out ‘who knocked those towers down’ as the guy so many called GEOTUS with glee promised if we elected him?

Don’t get mad at me about the fact that we all missed a big part of the only real Playbook...


I repent. You can too.

Speaking of the Playbook and the horrors to come hereafter, why is the truth movement aligned with the New Apostolic Reformation? The mountains aren’t churches and Christians are not supposed to seek dominion over the world. There is a brood of vipers deliberately teaching lies about many parts the Bible. Especially the parts that reveal how God Wins.


I know right. How dare I espouse so unpatriotic? The border is open, there are congressional inquisition teams and intel media coming after veterans and patriots. Marvel at the Beast if you must but my Christian family worldwide is under attack and idolatry of country isn’t in the Playbook.

We armed and trained an army that is going to be in charge of their own nation in days. ISIS is back. Where are the heroes who know where the bodies are buried on demanding 9/11 truth in this time?

They limited hangout taunted us with Paperclip in Captain America.

Remember National Treasure with Nick Cage (a guy who always gave me the deal with the devil vibe) ?

Get as mad as you want about the fact that patriotism is an idolatry in Babylonian societies. I’m not ignoring the Egyptian god dicks all over the place. Symbolism will be their downfall, they said.


Speaking of deals with the devil, they really exist. Apparently they are extremely tempting even for somebody who knows Christ. I have this on such credible eyewitness testimony I know it to be so. They aren’t looking to be famous about it, those who have testified to me. They appreciate the message that it’s Spirit of Truth or a variety of other spirits that will influence and impact. They now pray that everybody else sees how real Jesus is and how close.

Demons are real. They shudder.

Don’t ever forget that they are afraid of Jesus.

They also know when He is with you.

Did you know Jesus only gets the ones that God allows to be drawn to Him?

He wants everybody though.

He is available to everybody.

We are under attack. It’s spiritual.

They lose and they know it. They want to crush as many of us through the process as they can.

They seek to take you with them to the second death while prolonging the timeline as if their ruler could determine an alternative.

Timeline theology.

Cheap imitations of The Alpha and Omega.

It’s Biblical.

I was never wrong about Q Anon being a psy-op and being important. I was wrong about the nature of it’s intent and it’s end outcome. Sadly, I was wrong on that end. And also gloriously. It’s a process.

They will call us stochastic terrorists soon and frame us with false flags if they don’t trauma torment a victim into succumbing to demonic urges. Swords sharp, Christians. Wear your shoes. Persecution isn’t coming.

It’s here.


They sent him to the Capitol. He was set up.

Free Jake.

Fear God.

Know Jesus.

Love each other.

Embrace Spirit of Truth.


Stand down, Jezebel. You bore me.



God Bless You for always speaking with conviction what the Lord puts into your heart

I don't trust the vaccine, but I don't buy a lot of the anti-vax nonsense either. The January 6th incident was probably a case of agents provocateur setting up an incident and hoping it would get violent, and the people marching into the capitol clearly had no plan of action beyond making a scene. The election was a fraud whether Biden's vote count was legitimate or not, because democracy itself is a fraud.

Yes you are correct - and we will walk through this together.